Billy no mates :-(


I've been unsuccessful in finding friends willing to go to a festival this year. I'm thinking of going alone but don't known what to expect. I originally had tickets for the vfestival but I think its not a good festival for lonely travellers, not to mention the commercial side of it. Geeen Man looks really good with something for everyone. I did see there are others going alone... Any advice ?



Green Man is a great festival to attend on your own - everyone is really friendly, and there's always the forum meet-up on the Thursday if you want to find some people to talk to.

Hey David I think I will be coming on my own also. Can I second where the forum meet up is and at what time on Thursday? Seen it been mentioned a few times but can't seem to find where.

I've done Reading on my own before and had the best time ever. Hopefully Green Man solo is of equal brilliance :)


Looks like there are a few flying solo and the meet information is on another thread.'i think I'm going to brave it and go.. :) see below re the other forum info.

"I suppose in that case that the Forum Meet up will be on thursday from 6.30pm onwards in front of the bar in the Walled Garden.

ALL, absolutely ALL are welcome.

there will be at least one person wearing a green t-shirt with 'all night disco wrecked my weekend' on it.

Treat them like a long lost brother or sister."


Raveydavey / Manney90 

I can guarantee that you will have no regrets about flying solo. GM is small enough that once you get to know a few people from the forum meet or your camping neighbours, you'll bump into them from time to time over the weekend and have the opportunity to share experiences, swap suggestions, etc.

It's the best of all worlds - you'll feel that you're amongst friends but have the freedom to do exactly what you want every day.

Enjoy ...


Ill try and get to the meet up, im also stewarding is any one else doing this on there bill?

I'm going on my own too, for the first time, and until seeing the above was a little bit nervous about it (although I don't know why - this will be my 4th GM in total and I know how friendly it is).

Even though I couldn't be more of a noob to the forum, I'll accept the kind invite and see you in the Walled Garden on the Thursday (after Matt Berry, of course)!

What lovely people.

It's Jon Langford you don't want to miss.

It would be helpful to have the times at least for the Thursday evening. I'm hoping Jon will be on fairly early so I can see him before the meet-up.


Don't really want to miss Money on the Thursday--hoping they don't clash with the meet.I'm sure posting Thursday times would have no impact on programme sales.

Are any fellow loners camping together? Wouldn't mind pitching up next to some others if at all poss :) When I stayed at Reading Festival on my own they have made an unofficial camp and everyone has the best time.

I have been going alone the last few years and the forum have been really helpful. I shall be stewarding thus year but as long as I an not stewarding I shall be there - in my green t shirt. Dont worry about being by yourself - it is such a friendly festival you will love it .

Hi susiew, will you be camping in the crew campsite? I'm hoping that it'll be easy to meet other stewards and tag along with them.

I bought my t shirt from Harry at -,it was very cheap. You have to ask for the All night disco wrecked my weekend t shirt. (green )
Yes I will be in the crew camping area - wherever that is! Difficult to know where to recommend on the general site but if you are
early There will be loads of choice

Penalty point against 'ray rad' for incorrect spelling of 'omitted'. Unless it's a special kind of yogic chant. Ommmmmm.

See you all in the solo section of the crew camping. Or the Walled Garden.



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