Big Up Stage Security

I had an amazing experience this year with the Stage Security.  I was up front and centre for King Gizzard (with my 9 and 12 year olds - I know, what was I thinking) and after about half an hour it all got a bit too much for my youngest (impressed he lasted that long).  A sucurity chap spotted this before Dad and offered to take him out (also took out my daughter), held his hand and chatted to him at edge of the tent until I got there - never saw him again, so couldn't thank him properly.  So well was this handled that my son felt confident enough to return and also saw Kamasi Washington, Battles and Ezra Furman all at the front!

Great also to see them chatting and helping, lovely touch trying to get a young lass to see Ezra and of course, I'm guessing allowing upwards of 200 to 300 dancers on the B&S stage was only possible because of the relaxed and trusting band and secuity too.

Can't imagine Security is done better anywhere else - spot on!

Yeah, I was daft enough to let my 10 year old lad and his slightly older mate go down the fron for the Gizzard. 

And what about the security woman coming along the front of the Mountain Stage during Daniel Norgren's excellent set, handing out Pringles? So Green Man!


I was another Dad with a 14 year old son and 12 year old daughter at the front centre of the King Gizzard 'experience', I was exhausted afterwards after forming a human shield for an hour,  but totally worth it and we only stayed for the whole set because the Security guy said he would pull the kids out if it got too much for them - so a massive thanks from all of us to him in particular and the rest in general, you helped make our GM experience truly memorable - and as mentioned previously it gave us the confidence to go to the front of other shows when we had the chance (my daughter is small and wouldn't see much otherwise).