Big Jeff to Rock Green Man

The one thing I do at any Green Man / EOTR performance, or Bristol gig, is to look to the front right of the stage for a mop of curly blond hair. If Big Jeff isn't there I'm immediately concerned that there may be something better happening elsewhere and that I'm in the wrong place.

Jeff is a walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge as well as one of the loveliest human beings you could ever hope to meet, and has recently taken some tentative steps into sharing his love of music through DJ'ing. In case you haven't seen the Twitter exchange I though it worth flagging here that he's been invited to do a set in the Far Out during Green Man.

I normally pay scant attention to any DJ type activity at GM, but this is one that goes straight onto my not-to-be-missed list. Obviously too late for the printed programme, so watch for updates on Twitter etc.

For anyone not familiar with Jeff this rather old video gives some background -



We have a compitition to be the first to spot Big Jeff at each greenman we attend. I pretty much always win because the others forget they are meant to be looking out for him. But I expect we will all show for his set. 

This thread made me smile. i didn't spot Big Jeff last year but have seen him down the front at many a Bristol gig. Will watch out for his DJ set but my Twitter access will probably be stymied by non existent 02 coverage on site, unless the wifi covers more areas than the mountain stage this year. Anyway I must get packing!!