Ben Howard Headlines Sunday Plus More Announced

Evening all!

We are over the moon to welcome back Ben Howard as our brilliant Sunday evening headliner! 

Also joining him are Villagers, Stornoway, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit, Veronica Falls, Half Moon Run, Rachel Zeffira, Sweet Baboo, Jacco Gardner, Teleman, The Slow Show, Flamingods, Annie Dressner and Mo Kenney! 
+ A very special Phantasy night with Erol Alkan & Daniel Avery.
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Woof Woof!!!

Forget Ben Howard, JOHNNY FLYNN what a great call Green Man, been a fan for years and saw him last time he played, uber talented

Ben Howard is very dissapointing indeed, headlinging, really? Johnny Flynn and Villagers soften the blow slightly (they should have been the icing on the cake). 

Never known it this quiet after a announcemet before,its kicking off on facebook with most of the women loving ben Howard and most men the opposite.Will not be watching either of the headliners so far but still have plenty to look forward too and plenty more t come.


Was really hoping that the announcement would persuade us to go back on our decision not to come this year - not much doing here I'm afraid. Though Sweet Baboo is lovely obviously. Ben howard? A headliner? How odd. I'm not alone in thinking the booking policy changed when Jo & Danny packed it in am I?

I was one of those who noticed the corner-cutting last year and (to me) this is more of the same. No disrespect to BH but he certainly isn't a headliner for a festival that charges £145 a head. However you dress this up, the organisers know that and they know they've taken a cheap decision. My only hope is that they'cve done this because they have something special in store for Friday night.

I know people are always divided on such things and I'd hate to offend the performers in question, but neither of the headliners announced so far seem like headline material to me. I wasn't impressed with last year's line-up either, it does seem like there has been a clear change in the Festival from the years I've atended so far (2006-2011 inclusive). I'm currently undecided on this year.

The headliners aren't the whole of the festival, but they certainly make up a huge part of the draw. I don't expect the organisers to put a festival with a lineup that's made up of my favourite artits, but this isn't up to the quality I've come to expect. I understand that there are still plenty of bands to be announced, but at this moment I'm feeling pretty undecided. 

I can't see why some people criticise the announcement of Ben Howard. I saw him in the Walled Garden in 2011 and he was brilliant! At that time he was a newcomer that not many people had heard of - so, don't just concentrate on the one name announced, look at all the others, all the new music that we'll be introduced to. To quote the great Bruce Lee when instructing a pupil - "Never concentrate on just the moon, or you will miss all the heavenly glory!" See ya.

Really disappointing headliner.


Our crowd always play the “guess the headliner” game in the lead up to GM Fest. Unsurprisingly none of us guessed Ben Howard, because not one of us know who he is. Why aren’t Villagers headlining instead? Very odd choice.


I know it’s not all about the headliners. Unknown Mortal Orchestra & Archie Bronson will be cool, but it’s nice to finish the day (and the weekend) on a high. Won’t be buying tickets early next year. Greenman I love you, but you're bringing me down.

Ben who? I'm afraid I've never heard of him...

probably a sad reflection of my advancing years, but still.... 

I know he came ut of the whole Communion/Mumfords thing didn't he. Believe he may be popular with the young ladies. Kind of act you might expect to see mid evening on the pub stage. But headlining the main stage?

My son tells me he's just won two Brit awards, robbing Richard Hawley in one that's probably why I've never heard of him

Really don't understand this infatuation with "headliner." Whatever the size of the stage Ben Howard will be great. Loads of people moaned when Van Morrison was announced last year, and apparently went off and watched someone else when he was on. That's good isn't isn't it? Green Man gives you that choice. OK the "headliner" might not be your cup of tea, but they may be somebody else's. I'll be honest I'm not a fan of Flaming Lips but I know when they were at Green Man loads of people loved them and that's great too. Ben Howard may be popular with the young ladies (he's 24) but we're in danger here, going by previous posts of writing someone off because "we've never heard of them" - may I humbly suggest quite a large number of people have heard of him and they're not all youngsters - I'm 59!

I think the fact that I have never heard of him is more a reflection of my own lack of interest in the mainstream music scene, which is why I choose Green Man festival over others such as V and Glastonbury.

To be fair I watched The Brits last night with my son (21) who enjoyed a lot of the artists featured and lauded; many of whom I had no previous knowledge.

On reflection there may be reasons why the organizers are pursuing a slightly more mainstream market; it's a tough world out there and festivals are going out of business.

I have always enjoyed discovering new (to me) musicians through their inclusion at Green Man; it has always been an important part of the anticipation each year.

I'm just a little disappointed because it seems that the USP that Green Man used to trade on seems to be being gradually eroded - maybe I need to seek out a different festival.

Oh don't be such musical snobs you lot!.. Yes, he's just won two awards, good on the lad. My 16 year old daughter is beside herself that we'll be seeing him this summer. Greenman got Alt-J right last year, and it appears they have picked it right this year too. Me and my girlies are looking forward to seeing names we haven't heard of, then seeing them in the media a few weeks later and going 'wow, we saw them at Greenman'.

Fair do' kids never last out until the headline slot anyway so I can sit outside my tent with a glass of red while his music drifts over the campsite....

Tracey W - couldn't agree with you more - well said! I've just posted a reply which is being "moderated" so you may not see it. Your post was a lot shorter and right on point.

The Only Way Is Essex won a TV BAFTA a few years ago, does that may it good TV? 

Anyone remember Summer Sundae? Coolest festival going; darlings of the quality press, fiercely loyal supporters year on year, fabulously eclectic line-ups (David Byrne, Patti Smith, Gotan Project, Calexico, Spiritualized). They went for a change of direction (Sophie Ellis Bexter, Tinchy Stryder, Katy B, The Streets) presumably to mix it up and draw in a different audience alongside the regulars. The result? They lost their identity, lost credibility and where are they now? Dead in the water.

I don't think that I'd call Ben Howard mainstream on the strength of one album. One Direction, Little Mix, Emilie Sande etc yes. The fact is he's gigged all over Britain, Europe and the States playing live and not relying on TV performances for the last 2 years. Also if people claim they like discovering new talent at Green Man then how come they've never heard of him when he played in the Walled Garden in 2011? The beauty of Green Man is the variation! You can't expect the bookers to get someone that just you think is good, cool, relevant whatever! Believe you me there are plenty of people who will look forward to seeing Ben Howard at Green Man - OK not a lot on this forum because it seems no one's heard of him. Maybe it's wrong of Green Man to use the word "headliner" in the old days there was never such a term just a list of singers, bands etc and we all turned up and had a good time. Some of us still will!

Didn't see him in 2011, he was on too late for our family.

I suppose using the term 'headliner' will always provoke reaction; a non-hierarchical list is probably a better solution.

I will of course turn up and have a good time....I always do.


He is mainstream but its not a problem,i'm pleased he won the brit awards because that should help shift a few more tickets,alot of us moaned last year about spending lots of money on Van headlining[been going to festivals for 40 years and always been headliners at the ones i have been to] so lets not complain too much if the money is spent on improving the overall line up.I have a concern over whether the headliners are a big enough draw to sell 10,000 tickets and whether we are alienating to many regulars[much stronger feelings on facebook] but Ben Howard will attract many younger females and a few 59 year old MOR fans.I was aware of him in 2011 but not my thing so didn't bother.The main thing for me is that the headliners don't change the vibe of the festival which i don't think they will and i already have 15 artists i want to see with many more to come.There are hundreds of festivals all fighting for headliners and i suspect many that have been requested on these pages are out of budget---we are always disappointed wth headliners on these pages but always have a great weekend--keep the faith.I hope i will not be the only one at the meet this year!


Nice to see mainstream has taken over from headliner! Agree with a lot of what blackpumpkinhead has said, even laughed at the 59 year old bit (MOR hurt a bit though!) but I'm too old to sulk. If you read my earlier posts I'm supporting the idea of someone like Ben Howard being OK for Green Man to book. This doesn't mean that I love all of his music although I do think he's a fine musician. And, he may attract a lot of young females, but didn't Ray say that he had a comb over? I'm off now, I've got to headline the making of dinner!

Hi all – we just thought we should get back to you about some of your comments raised above. 
We go for what we feel is the best Green Man lineup possible every year (within our independent means).   Our artist budget has increased significantly every year; this is not something we would cut corners on.  As I am sure you realise there are far more festivals with ‘Green Man style’ music nowadays and this increased competition sometimes does make it difficult for us to compete for some bands at the top of the bill. We turn down sponsorship and investment every year and try to keep our ticket and bar prices as low as possible in difficult economic times.
We do look at all the band suggestions made on here and social media.  Also over a thousand of you answered our questionnaire at the end of last year’s festival and said who you wanted to play.  Band of Horses and Ben Howard were both very popular suggestions.
We sense that you think we are trying to change the festival and reach different audiences and this is absolutely not true. We don't feel like there's been a change in music policy. We pride ourselves on supporting up and coming artists, and historically some have returned to Green Man performing higher up the bill. Over the years we have booked bands such as Noah and the Whale, Ben Howard and Mumford & Sons (as well as other possibly more left-field acts) and we are incredibly proud of how successful they have been.
The same team have been running the festival since 2005, we are incredibly passionate about the festival and the music.  We are here if you want to ask us anything or you can email us at  We are planning another Forum meet-up this year at the festival with the whole team (not me as dogs aren’t allowed) which is not fair. 

Woof woof!!!

Thanks for coming on here to explain--you know whoever you announce will not please everyone--maybe with the exception of BPB.

  We do the questionaires each year--would it be possible to publish a breakdown of the answers?

Hi Walter (and the GM team)

I missed the meet up last year but I'll definitely join you this time round, I look forward to it! I'm rather happy with the line-up but this post is really appreciated, it's good to know that my favourite festival is in the hands of people who care so much


I will definately be at the meet this year, it was lovely to see everybody last year....don't fret about my grumpy comments; I'm guilty of getting over-excited about my own imagined perfect line-up, so when the likes of Bill Callahan, BPB, Sufjan et al aren't announced I go all stroppy with no real justification.

We have a wonderful time every you think you could ask the sunshine to headline one day this year please Walter?

Ben Howard doesn't get me all that excited, but neither did Mumford & Sons. It's not all about headliners though is it? I'll be happy to take the opportunity to check something else out instead I suspect, and leave all those that clearly are excited about this addition to the line-up to enjoy it while I find something more to my liking. Sure it's been posted elsewhere, but Foxygen would be a good call by the way. Also Julian Cope is long overdue an appearance at GM, preferably with a slot in the Literature tent toO, and Beck must be due a visit to these shores. That would do nicely

First time at Green Man after a couple of years of End of the Road.  Also first festival back in my homeland and first with the kids. We are super-excited and couldn't give a monkeys pants about headliners. Loving BOH, Ben Howard - not sure, but my mate likes him so will check him out, but its all the other bands I'm really looking forward to.

With the honourable exception of Grandaddy and Modest Mouse it's not been the big names that have floated my boat at EOTR - it's seeing Cashier No 9 twice in a day, or First Aid Kit on a sunny afternoon, or watching a big top fill to bursting before the Alt-J set, or Low Anthem letting it all hang out as Snake Waggon in the late night tent that have been the highlights. I bet you a plate of spicy wedges it will be no different at GM, so bring on Wild Smiles, F**k Buttons, Moon Duo and the rest. The sun also follows positive thinkers like me around, so no need for wellies this year, flip-flops all the way!

Don't we go through this cycle every year?

Some initial moaning that the headliners are underwhelming - then a realisation that there are some real gems amongst the names we hadn't previously heard of - then a realisation that the line-up is so bloody good that the clashes are going to be gut-wrenching to deal with.

There's more than enough on the bill already to justify the ticket price as far as I'm concerned - ignore the billing and pick your own 'headliners'. Mine are Villagers and Steve Mason, well so far anyway :)



That's exactly right peridot ... pick your own headliners

For me that's Fuck Buttons & Moon Duo so far this year, but who knows, if by Sunday evening I'm so relaxed from 72hrs of ace music & blazing sunshine I may just sit on the hill with a fish curry and watch Ben Howard. If I do I'm sure I'll enjoy him too.

both of those would be great

and thanks for the heads up about another announcement tomorrow

did anyone see the ben howard interview in the independent at the weekend?

about how he's the new dull!

made me laugh, that