Belle & Sebastian, James Blake & Wild Beasts Headline Green Man 2016!

A huge hello to you all!

Today is a happy day, because today sees the official launch of Green Man 2016! That's right, we're coming out of hibernation to bring forth a burgeoning wave of musical delights PLUS a brand-new website for you all to spend hours playing with We'll be hiding prizes in the toy throughout the year - so keep checking back to see what's new. 

After years spent besotted by their effortless individuality and independent spirit, it makes it all the sweeter to finally welcome the imperious Belle & Sebastian to Green Man. James Blake will cast hypnotic beats and magical melancholy over the Brecon Beacons (his fourth appearance for us!). And we're chuffed to welcome Thursday headliner Wild Beast's strange-and-beautiful pop to our own wild pastures. Woooof, What a treat! 

Remember, keep checking back for all the exciting new additions to the Green Man '16 line up including our 4th headliner!

Check out the rest of the lineup (so far) over here -

Can't wait to see you all in the green Welsh hills.

Yours truly - Walter - Green Man's very own wild beast

Woof woof x

Really pleased with Money as i cannot make the rearranged Manchester date,less pleased with the "wailing wench" especially as last time she played everything at the site was stopped while she performed.Seems to be the same reaction to the headliners at EOTR as the reaction to GM on here,though it is unclear which stage headliners have been announced for at EOTR--really hoping Bat For Lashes are on the Garden stage where they would be perfect.Needs to be good second announcements for both festivals to sway the doubters.

Really like MONEYs new stuff.  But can someone explain the almost universal love for Bat for Lashes.  I've clearly missed something all these years.  Yes, Natasha is a charismatic performer but the music does absolutely nothing for me.  I think the expression is 'meh'.  At least Sexwitch brought some edge and challenged.  Bat for Lashes stuff all sounds like its scored for some American teen TV drama.

Kath Bloom is a fine discovery from the first EotR announcement.  Shame on me I wasn't familiar before now.

On balance I think I prefer GM's line up so far although I guess EOTR having both Field Music and Steve Mason lessens the chances of them playing Green Man as well. Fingers crossed at least one of them does both.

I saw Michael Rother in London on 5 Feb and cannot overemphasise how good he was. Playing as part of a three piece, the set consisted of instrumental music from Neu!, Harmonia, La Dusseldorf and some solo stuff. One great track after another. Impossible to stay still to.

It's looking a bit soggy compared to previous years so far.


Goat, Super Furries and Atomic Bomb absolutely nailed late night slots last year, as did Neutral Milk Hotel the year before. Can't see where those moments are coming from this year. Typically this is the first year I've gone in for early bird as well!

julia holter - who i hadn't seen before and really only bought a ticket to on a whim - was absolutely mesmerising in london last night

the band is fantastic - very jazzy double bass and drums / percussion plus a second vocalist / viola player who sings great harmony

and the whole thing really works live

i wonder what stage GM will put her on, though, and when

hard to imagine that show on the main stage in the middle of the afternoon in the light

but also big problems in the walled garden late at night with all the drunken chatter that brings


I was wondering the same mr ray. High up on my must-see list. Hadn't come actoss her before but when her latest album got all those glowing reviews I thought I'd check her out and she is rather special. Main stage just as the sun goes down might be good?

she sold out the 1000 capacity oval space a good month before the show - so she can definitely pull a crowd

main stage around 7pm could be great

My big wish is for Ty Segall & The Muggers to be added to the Green Man bill - I can't attend the dates he's announced in the Uk for this year as they are in the same week as Glastonbury which I'm also attending.

So come on Green Man, give us Ty!

Last time Julia Holter played Green Man (year before last?) it was main stage in that tricky mid afternoon slot. Must surely be given a later slot this time? Was also lucky enough to see her in Cardiff last Friday, along with Meilyr Jones and Laura J Martin

That's a pretty good line up from where I'm sitting. Loads there I'd like to see. But it's all academic because Mrs Aster gave birth to our daughter a few weeks ago and neither of us want to bring a newborn to the festival. I'm sure we'll be back in a few years though. Still it's nice to see our favourite festival continues to thrive. Have a great time at this year's festival folks. 

Passing through the Glastonbury e-fests forum earlier there's some speculation that Green Man might have bagged Sigur Ros. Doesn't seem to be based on much more than timing of their tour though

Evening folks. That end of the road announcement today has muddied the waters a bit For me. Was dithering between the 2. Green man was well ahead after the first announcement but they're neck and neck now with thurston Moore, broken social scene and teenage fan club added. They seem like the kind of acts that will be harder to see live again whereas I've seen unknown mortal orchestra and white denim multiple times. It's a dilemma. Anybody going to both here or how do you rate the respective lineups? 

Quite gutted that EOTR has got Teenage Fanclub, although Norman Blake has said the new album is due to be out in the autumn so a UK tour is likely. That softens the blow somehwat for me.

On the brightside I thought EOTR was certain to add The Avett Brothers to its line up and didn't. I can carry on hoping (for now) they'll be at Green Man.

Thustron Moore plays pretty regularly at present. ALthough mostly in London and cities worldwide. And often without much notice.... That said I saw him a few years back with one of Sunburned Hand. That was a tour. 

There's a bit more musical diversity at EOTR and for me there'd be more individual highlights, but also more times when there was nothing I'd be interested in seeing, whereas Green Man will probably keep me interested for the whole weekend, especially when Chai Wallahs and the Rising stage are added in.

Although if Sigur Ros are added to GM, I might change my mind. We've aready reached peak tedium ;-)


I try to do both most years but have missed a couple of Eotr festivals.Both have good and bad points.We usually watch more music at Eotr because we find the line up more interesting and often find ourselves sitting/drinking at GM waiting for an act we want to watch,though i would understand people who see it the other way around.Chai Wallahs/Rising stage i rarely found anything i want to watch but overall both festivals programme enough to keep me entertained over the weekend.If cinema/literature/comedy is your thing GM is a country mile ahead and the Brecon Beacons is far more beautiful than the countryside around Eotr.I also prefer the rain of GM to the cold cold nightsof Eotr.I prefer that you can take your own drinks into the arenas at Eotr and that they print the times before the festival but on the downside there is nowhere nearby to stay off site which we now require.I think both festivals are miles ahead of any other out door events in the country---if you could combine the best points of each it would be about perfect.

This will be my fourth Green Man (doing settlors for the first time) and it's now becoming a family ritual where we meet up with friends and their families that have scattered all over the UK.

Green Man wins in terms of being a better cultural festival, more interesting non music programme, and general atmosphere. 

I went to EOTR in 2014 because the lineup was so brilliant for my musical taste - it's almost as if I'd picked the lineup! But not overly impressed with last year's to demand a return visit. Green Man doesn't much for me with headliners but I know that with later additions there's always plenty for me to see.

I certainly wouldn't take my kids to EOTR - they'd be bored stiff - there's little to do other than music. I'd do it again with friends if the lineup appeals. I book green man without knowing the lineup.




Very well said blackpumpkinhead. I've been to GM in 2012 and 2014 and it is a truly amazing festival and those lineups were stunning. There is no disputing that. i will wait for both final announcements and decide then.

I'd love to do EOTR one year but with Mrs Decemberboy being a school teacher it's not really doable as the new school year always starts before or right after the festival. So we always go to Moseley Folk Festival which is the same weekend and a ten minute walk from our house. 

Richard H The atmosphere is indeed great. in my 2 previous trips to greenman I've never got involved in any non music activity so this isn't a deal breaker for me! On both accessions i've watched 10 bands each day. I know this is important for people with kids though. 

Yes, Nathan will be with Joan Shelley. 

They are both playing in Totnes at Seachange Festival the following weekend and Nathan is doing a solo set there.  Having seen him before, be great to see at Green Man - not quite as powerful as William Tyler, but will be a great way to spend an hour in the Walled Garden?

Hey Walter,

Can we have Villagers back again please. Was sublime last year!

iron + wine just announced a london show for sept 1st

so wouldn't be at all surprised if they're the third headliner

god awful, it'd be, i suspect - with this bizarre jessica hoop collaboration

but no doubt it would please many

hang on

i've got her confused with imogen heap

not as shite as i'd thought

still a bit dull though

I really hope Iron and Wine headlined far too recently to be considered seriously. I'd be really disappointed - particularly withib the current line up that is lacking a bit of imagination as it is.

Another one playing at EOTR who would be really great at GM?

he's back - four shows in september to mark his 75th birthday (and, no doubt, his relief at the collapse of the accusations against him last year)

would be a fine thing to see him grace the GM stage again

the other dates are below:


Roy Harper - 75th Birthday Celebration Tour!!

Four special shows in September 2016 with string and brass ensemble to celebrate a special anniversary…

September 7th 2016 - Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
Box Office: 0844 811 0051

September 9th 2016 - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK
Box Office: 0844 811 0051

September 12th 2016 - Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
Box Office: 0844 875 0073

September 17th 2016 - Usher Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Box Office: 0131 228 1155

Tickets on sale Friday, 1st April 2016

Oh wow, that's excellent news ray_rad. With arrangement by Fiona Brice this is going to be special.

Well worth a trip to the RFH methinks.