Back Garden Green Man 2020

Anyone else planning their own virtual Green Man in August?

I've 'been' to a few online festivals during lockdown. The Folk on Foot festival the other week was good fun and featured Richard Thompson, Johnny Flynn, the Unthanks and Kate Rusby among others. I even got the t-shirt. The Long Division 'festival' at the weekend was ace too faturing loads of people I hadn't heard of plus the Lovely Eggs and Billy Bragg. It would be great if Green Man also put something like this on with donations being made to the Trust and to the artists although i'm sure it's a pretty time-consuming thing to do right now.

Anyhow - I'm planning a back garden Green Man for the weekend of 21-23 August. Me and the kids have already discussed the food - locally-sourced Welsh Dragon sausages and Bara Brith, falafel wraps and mezze bowls, Goan fish curry (my son who is turning out to be something of a chef has already made a pretty decent one), hot chicken rolls (a la the Roving Rotisserie) and pizzas from our village pub. Planning on opening the doors and windows and playing the odd set from previous years (that Courtney Marie Andrews one for starters!) and my 2020 GM mix tapes. At some point i intend to stand in the garden in my wellies and cagoule with a pint of home made cider in my hand while being gently showered with the garden sprinkler to get that true Green Man vibe.

I will also, of course, be greening up the beard.

I could just spend that weekend wallowing in misery thinking about what would have been.

But bollox to that.

I might draw the line at camping mind. Althought the gazebo will be going up!

Anyone else up for it? We could send our pictures in to the GM Facebook page or maybe even set up a virtual Green Man page.


I'm in, Kras.

Suggestions of favourite GM performances from past festivals would be good.... I'll start.

Eels, Grandaddy, Bill Ryder Jones, Bill Callahan, Sun Kil Moon, Ryley Walker...

I could go on.

I'll be sitting in our paddock with a glass of cold dry white in the sunshine with some socially distanced good mates.

I'm not going to let any poxy virus stop me celebrating our favourite week of the year.

Long live GM!

Up in Mikes massive back garden, looking out at Mellor Church. Thinking of projecting youtube footage of this years - and our favourites - acts onto a sheet. Borrowing his DJ sons speakers. Camping out, barbecue, might even try cook up home brew. Will definitely enjoy the annual marijuana wig out. 
Old GM highlights will include Courtney Marie Andrews, along with Hot Chip, Ryley Walker, lovely Fleet Foxes, Villagers, James Yorkston.

see you in August 

Yep, I'm up for it. Can the brewery send us a barrel of Growler? 

I'll put the tent up in the garden and eat Pot Noodles and crisps for a week!

Well this all sounds brilliant.

Berthasdad, you sound like you're fully committed. 

Rach, camping with you as I do, I never questioned your dedication to the cause.

Might even have a campfire and marshmallows. 

So, for our collective virtual GM weekend, is there any technology we could harness to bring us together? I don't do Facebook. Could we arrange to zoom? Or upload vids in kind of real time to share the love? im clearly clueless about this sort of thing - anyone got any ideas? 

So there we were last night, taking our GM planning up a notch in bucolic Marple Bridge. The 1980s family frame tent (The FAr OUt) was duly erected to check that it would. The Tiny rebel website was studied in detail and our order sorted out. Externsion leads for speakers were measured out, positions for lighting sorted. Mike's brick barbecue rebuilt and menus (inc Goan fish curry) were agreed. The timetable was taking shape and we even lit the 'fire pit' in the not so walled not so garden to give it a trial run.

Then we came home at 11 and arent allowed out again. If Greater Mcr stays locked down, even our shared back garden plans will be fucked.

So....Me and Mrs Bertha in our garden with too much Tiny Rebel and the new Courtney marie Andrews album cranked up, it is then.....could be worse I spose.