Avi Buffalo!

I heart avi buffalo, el goodo and jack hadley too, haven't heard of some of the others but can't wait to unearth some more hearts 

I just saw DTB for the first time tonight; I thought he was dreadful! Sorry!

Ironically, while I was watching the band he was supporting (Remember Remember), I was thinking how much I'd like them to play Green Man.

Really?! I have never heard such a review of him before...but then he's gloriously bonkers and may have been having one of those performances where he sings like Eidith Piaf or in Greek...

god, yeah

i had the misfortune to be stuck in a room with DTB once too

like watching care in the community

Aw now thats unfair! Many of the current lineup surely qualify for mental healthcare support no?


He's good!

So much sin to forgive is a stand alone track!

i dunno

we saw him supporting vetiver

and he just seemed to alternate between mental and being a dick

or a combination of the two

can see why folks might like him

and the loop station stuff is clever

but i'm too old for that sort of thing...