AOTY 2020 Top 5 or more

Please post so I can discover some more music, god knows I need it!

1 Fleet Foxes -Shore

2 Daniel Avery - Love and Light

3 Luke Abbott - Translate

4 Rose City Band - Summertown

5 Sam Burton- I Can Go With You


1.Aoife Nessa Frances - Land Of No Junction 

2.Sunstack Jones- Golden Repair 

3.Mike Polizze -Long lost solace find 

4.H C Mcentire -Eno  Axis 

5.Nap Eyes- Snapshot Of a Beginner 

But my album of the year apart from Dylan is Fiona Apples-Fetch The Bolt Cutters which I'm sure will split the camps but a record made for these times.


Peace x

I've gone jazz in lockdown 2.

Miles Davis, Ascenseur pour L'echafaud .1958

Bill Evans, Undercurrent. 1962


Bonny Light Horseman. eponymous album

Courtney Marie Andrews. Old flowers

Another vote for Dylan, Rough Rowdy Ways 


Not listened to much new music this year but love the Bonny Light Horseman album.

Apart from that it's been mostly Talk Talk and Mark Hollis, Gil Scott Heron and lockdown comfort playlists throughout this dreadful year. 

Miles' Ascenseur is one of my favourite albums, berthasdad.

Really enjoyed the Ronnie Scott doc on BBC4 last night too.


Not listened to much apart from Radio 6 music whilst working in lockdown.  Four new albums that I have been listening to are

phoebe Bridges, Punisher

Bright Eyes, Down in the Weeds (so excited when thought they were coming to GM this year, so disappointed that this does not look possible)

Fleet Foxes, shore

Sports Team, deep down act

only 4 albums so will bulk it up with Yard Act.  Only one single available so far but it is a cracker!  Have a listen to 'it's a fixer upper' if you haven't already.

i normally rely on festivals to expend my range of new music.  Not a good year for me in that respect


1. Free Humans: Hen Ogledd

2. Navarasa: Yorkston Thorne Khan

3. Thumb World: Pictish Trail

4. Nightcap at Wit's End: Garcia Peoples

5. The Gone Away: Belbury Poly

Have listened to the Hen Ogledd and really enjoyed but did not know there was a new album by Yorkston Thorne and Khan.  Really have missed a lot of new music this year.  Thanks Carnie for starting the thread and letting me find some new music.

Not really a 'new' album as such but The Sophtware Slump on a Wooden Piano is beautiful. I've retreated in to old favourites a lot during lockdown but a couple of favourites from 2020 are...

Erland Cooper - Hether Blether

Moses Boyd - Dark Matter

North Atlantic Drift - Pillars

Orville Peck - Show Pony EP

*Edit - completely forgot Julianna Barwick - Healing is a Miracle