Any Bluegrass or Old-Time Pickers coming to Green Man??

 Hello I am an appalingly bad banjo-ist and a slightly better guitar picker. Will join in with anything, esp. a bit of blues and Piedmont type stuff.

Blimey Cyfartha1 - I'm not really sure what Piedmont is (thought it was a sort of tomato :-)) but sounds great. We'll be in the campervan field from Monday. White bongo and blue bow fronted Vdub under a white star with a blue background

Whilstle twice and ask for Annie....It'll be nice to see you


 Piedmont style is finger-picked blues- John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton etc, also trance blues. Not that I'm any good, but I have fun.

I will prob be there early thursday, if not before, and will look out for yo

listen to some Blind Boy Fuller, Brownie Mcgghee and the amzing blind willie Mctell. amzing styles and recordings. would love to come have a spy at you guys playing, i wont join in because im shit basically.

 Hi there

I'm an aspiring picker. Been playing banjo for a few months and go to the camps and such. In fact, i'm going to one tomorrow.


I like Round Peak style, especially Tommy Jarrell, and also the more melodic style from Ken Perlman etc. I also have a fiddle, but that's a new hobby. Generally I play the festival tunes I know, which isn't many.


Unfortunately I don't think I have room or time to bring my instruments with me to green man, if I had a holiday ticket then maybe. Perhaps I'll pop round to say hello though. I'm in an association called FOAOTMAD which you can google (if you're not already a member, which you probably are).

 Hi thedall! You play fretless then? Don't know if you've been to Greenman before, but there's an odd sort of banjo stall been there every year at Glanusk I think. They also sell second hand books, and have a variety of banjos, usually 5 string that anyone can use. Most people with an interest in banjos get there to hang around. I'm an aspiring picker. I been aspiring for years. 

I'll bring my banjo and ugly will have his guitar.  We're crap but hairy.  I play clawhammer, mainly old timey dance stuff.  Would be good to funk if we stumble upon one another.  I'd listen to some of the stuff mentioned above to broaden the noggin but this laptop's forgot its supposed to speak.  We'll get there thursday so may well bimble up and whistle.


I've been entirely baffled by all of this thread.

I'm beginning to understand why people (attempt) to play the bongos.

I wish you all good plucking luck however.  

 Peridot, do try and keep up.

'oldtimey' generally refers to a style of acoustic music that developed in the southern states of the USA  played on a combination of either banjo or guitar and fiddle. This later evolved into 'bluegrass' a style that included the mandolin, bass and sometimes slide guitar or dobro. This later became part of the country tradition.

'Oldtimey' was the result of the intermingling of the music of english settlers in the Apallachians with African traditions brought by slavery and indentured labour, and maintained through years of oppression.

It's the blues that us white folks can sing without feeling embarrassed.

It is thus, in many respects, the absolute roots of the majority of the music played at Greenman.