Another family logistics question

This'll be our 4th GM, but first time with a child - we're looking into transport options as we don't have a car. We do have someone who can drop us off, I was wondering how feasible it would be for them to drop us in the Orange car park on Thursday morning, help us carry stuff to the entrance, then leave. Is it possible to leave the Orange car park at a time when nearly everyone will be arriving? I do already have an Orange car park ticket.

Maybe the drop-off area/park & ride shuttle bus would be a better option, has anyone used this in previous years? Any other ideas are welcome!

There's certainly nothing to stop you leaving either of the car parks during the festival although I'd imagine the stewards might get a bit tetchy with someone leaving on Thursday morning as everyone arrives. If they are then coming back on Monday to pick you up you'll have the same problems. Someone else must have faced this problem so hopefully you'll get some more useful advice!

Not being a user of the car parks I might have something confused here. But if you are going to do this, why would you do it at the orange car park and not the blue one (other than you have a ticket for there that you don't need that is!). Surely the blue one is closer to where you are going to want to camp. I doubt they will let you friend stop and help you I suppose, so there is that, but technically, they wont be able to get past the entrance gates and into the camping arena (although, I doubt it would actually be pa problem). 

I would have thought GM Official would prefer you to be dropped off where all the buses drop off, near the stone bridge. But your friend wont be able to stop and help, as they wont be able to leave the car. (and this just raises the blue car park question again!) 

Thanks for the replies - I didn't manage to get a blue car park ticket and it's sold out...

On the main website it says "Drop Offs - If you are dropping people off or being dropped off you must head to the Park and Ride, no drop offs will be permitted at the festival site."

So other than "cheating" and using the orange car park, has anyone used the Park and Ride shuttle bus? Would it be a nightmare with a 2-year-old and several big bags?

I did email GM but got no reply.

I think the Park & Ride will be your best bet. One of the principle reasons for settting it up was to facilitate drop-offs. The bus will drop you as close to the entrance as your friend would be able to help you carry your stuff.

Your biggest issue will be the trek to family camping if you want to be based there, but there's a Mr Trolley point right at the bus drop off (just get your wristbands sorted before hiring).


I reckon it should be a condition of the Settler's ticket that they form a bucket brigade on Thursday to get everyone else in quickly and efficently :)


Do you reckon?

Sitting in a camping chair feeling ever so slightly smug is more my thing.

and we've been through it on the Monday

Wow thanks for the offer Carnie, but if Mr Trolleys are available at the bus drop off then I think we'll manage - we're limiting the number of glowsticks to keep our luggage allowance to a minimum.