aides memoires 2022

well, it's that time again...

first one (john francis flynn) is up at the other place:

(you'll need to create an account there if you don't already have one)

will try to get all of friday's up there today

Cassandra Jenkins was probably my favourite performance of the whole weekend, the perfect Green Man vibe. Great to hear it again. Thanks Ray.

jessie buckley & bernard butler up

that's everything i got on friday

will start on saturday's when i get a chance - may take a few days

Great, thanks for all these! Having now heard what English Teacher sounded like from the front, I'm still pretty disappointed to be honest. I know I complained about too much bass on another thread, but I guess this was the exception!


Oooooh I was hoping you'd done Cassandra Jenkins!

To paraphrase another forum regular ... I love you Ray, I fucking love you !!

ok - have had a few problems with some of the recordings

and consequently i've got out of order

but have just put arooj aftab up on the unofficial forum

just as magical on relistening as it was in the moment