ok kids

every year we get a little older

and our memories get a little worse

but if you'd like something to assist you with your memories of green man 2014... as ever, i'm here to help

as in years past, these will be posted on the unofficial site - a link to which is here:

you need to join if you don't already belong

updates on what exactly is available to remember will periodically be posted here on this thread

(first up, some assistance with remembering the waterboys)

but please restrict any discussuion of these little recollection joggers to the unofficial site

hope you all enjoy



Many thanks Ray. I hope you realise how much these are treasured. (I'm glad you don't turn up to the meets I owe you so many drinks!!!) 

Invaluable stuff Ray. Thank you. Especially as one of my friends arrived late and missed the fantastic set from The Waterboys. Big Love!

great - that was a set not to be missed!

so very happy to fill in that gap

just put mariam the believer up

complete with drunken idiot introduction...

Particularly useful aide-memoire of Sun Kil Moon.

Meanwhile, somebody has put this clip of Augustines up to help you test my theory of whether they're actually a comedy band and we've not got all the jokes yet... Some sort of parody of those bands who go over the top in involving the audience. They are, aren't they?

Thanks Rayrad, just grabbed the SVE file.

Is this the main use for the other forum? I have difficulty keeping tracks of 1 forum, let alone another one!

Thanks Ray. I'll have a look at these later. I was wondering how I was going to refresh the mini blackouts during the weekend. Much appreciated.  

hi all

there are more of these to come

just been too busy with work to sort them out

hopefully get some more up over the weekend

Sorry Ray, been away and missed this! Is the Jeffrey Lewis link no longer available - he was one of my top 3 highlights!?

hey staffop

the mp3 links only last a week

but i can re-up the jeffrey lewis - no problem

will post here when it's done

*EDIT* it's done - go grab it!


no problem

i'll put it up again right now