Admission times on the 20th

can someone please tell me the admission times for live in vehicles on the 20th ?

Anyone know the reason for the delay in opening on the thursday morning last year leading to the early-birds queying for 2 hours in the piss-down rain? I had a family of Green Man newbies with us and spent the morning telling them 'we have never had to wait like this to get in before!'. Was it a problem with the ticket scanners not working or something I heard? 

There were all manner of rumours circulating in the queue last year. I heard it was because some members of staff hadn't turned up, then the festival didn't actually have its licence granted until that morning and finally the campsites weren't ready on time. I still don't know the real reason.

That was the first year we've had to queue like that so hopefully this year it will be like previous ones.

As an aside I never understand why people hire those blue trolleys BEFORE getting their wristband. Even when queues are relatively small it must cost them a smal fortune. 

We arrived not long after 10am eager to park and explore but were already stuck on the road outside the entrance due to the queue. After trudging back and forth to the front to talk to the security guards they said it was due to network/scanner issues - whether that masked another issue i don't know!

What time does Far-Out kick off on Thursday? I arrived too late for Temples a few years ago and don't want to miss Gwenno this year.