3rd announcement?

it was 28th march last year

when are we getting it this year then?

so this sounds like someone trying to sound like the bands we listened to in 1986

who were, at the time, trying to sound like bands from 1966

it's like a pastels tribute act

complete with tinny production and cloth eared singing

C+ at best

not bad

but vocals not very strong are they?

and it doesn't really go anywhere

a low rent moon duo - without the dynamics

might try it live though - will probably work if i've had a skinful

Well, last year was always going to be impossible to beat but for me this is probably the least exciting line-up for several years.

Probably get me lynched on here but I can't get excited about TFC, always found them rather dull to be honest. I know I'm in the minority though.

Very happy with Eleanor Friedberger and Lovely Eggs. Saw Follakzoid a few years back at the Lunar Festival and they were awesome (if you like heavy pysch, which I do). Whyte Horses should be worth seeing too.

Might be a more leisurely Green Man for me this year which is no bad thing and there's still plenty musically to keep me occupied so long as they don't all clash.

And I'm still finding new stuff to add to my 'quite like to see' list. Shannon Lay has a lovely voice and some nice songs and I like what I hear of Aadae.

All in all the line up seems a little safe to me, lacking a little imagination. Was still hoping for Ty Segall and, of course Phil Cook/HGM but maybe next year eh?

It'll still be fab though!

I agree with the general sentiment on here, however as it's my first time attending with a small child, I'm actually quite pleased that there aren't dozens of bands that I'm desperate to see (and would therefore inevitably miss)!

not really the point though, is it?

i'll have a good time too

but is the general vibe enough?

if there were no bands would you still come...?

I've only got twenty-three acts on my 'must-see' list and a further thirty-three on my 'want-to-see' list.

I mean, at this rate it's hardly worth coming ;-)


I'm at 10 must-sees. Had well over 20 last year.

I kinda think Green Man has gone a little bit daytime 6 Music while EoTR seems more evening/night-time 6 Music if that makes sesne.

If there were no bands then obviously I wouldn't come but 10 must sees and a similar number of 'quite like to sees' should keep me going. In fairness probably missed half of my must-sees last year because of clashes and childcare.

Those must-sees: Cate Le Bon, Jane Weaver, Jim Ghedi, Kevin Morby, King Gizzard, Pictish Trail, Seamus Fogerty, Sweet Baboo, Teleman, Eleanor Friedberger - all of whom (except Seamus) i've seen before, in some cases many times. So maybe it's just me, set in me ways and nothing new really grabbing me.

Can't decide. I assumed I'd like him from reviews I've read but there's something rhere that slightly irritates me.

Seamus Fogarty on the other hand is hugely growing on me

mrs rad leaned in to my ear during the first song and said exactly that!

"pieces of the sky!"

a record that holds a very special place in our life

the newer stuff is a bit more country-soul

the new keyboard player does some lovely stuff

and they finished up with support act, taint, coming on to double up the keys - for little feat's 'willin''


Hadn't heard any CMA until investigations after the first announcement. Emmylou is a great voice to be compared to. This one reminds me of Joni. Maybe not the voice so much (although it does a bit) but the phrasing and pacing on the lyrics...

Whatever ... it's feckin gorgeous   ...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BytLI-9YkTM


i first saw Emmylou in, I think 1975, at the New Victoria Theatre after buying Pieces of the Sky. Remember saying to my girlfriend “I’ve got tickets to see Emmylou Harris in London.” The reply “who’s he?”

I must admit I was also pretty excited about seeing a few of Elvis’ TCB band.

Hope she does ‘Willin’ at GM.

About 12 must-sees for me and then another 12 or so possibles. Lots more last year but then I was on my own so could charge around madly, with wife and friends again this year so a bit more sedate perhaps. I sort of agree Krasnyi, slightly unadventurous perhaps, the other place more appealing to my taste but I can't do that. That being said I'll have a grand time and discover some great music I wouldn't have done otherwise.

Just occurred to me. No James Yorkston? Shurely shome mishtake?

And did Euros Childs ever do anything to upset the big green fella? He hasn't been for years. Was really hoping for Gruff again this year and maybe 9 Bach. Guess that's pretty much it for announcements though?

Same here Smithers,i'm not complaining,i have over 20 acts i want to see with more to discover and 100 beers to investigate in quiet moments---and meeting the rest of the forum is always one of the highlights.

haley heynderickx fantastic supporting the low anthem last night

and they, of course...  well, by god

i'm kind of glad they're not playing GM in the end

how they'd do a show that sepulchurally quiet without me wanting to kill every other cunt in the audience, i don't know

have tried both

pleasant-ish - but too anodyne for me

can report, contrary to my previous worry about HH being a bit po-faced, that in person she's actually funny and very likeable



I think Frankie Cosmos might split opinion here but I'm lovin' what I'm hearin' !

Listening to her last night, not bad at all. Snapped Ankles, already on my probable list, moving up to must see I think. Black Midi also sound interesting

Snapped Ankles need to be seen live to be appreciated--one of the highlights of Rockaway Beach Festival and one of the best crowd reactions.

I'd have to agree that the line-up at the other place this year looks stronger, but I'm sure we'll all have a grand time anyway. I think it's a decent enough line-up. Just the fact that quite a few of them have already played Green Man in recent years (PSB, John Grant, Fleet Foxes, King Gizzard, War on Drugs, Grizzly Bear, Anna Calvi, Kevin Morby, Cate Le Bon, Jane Weaver, Lovely Eggs, Beak, HMLTD and Teleman, not to mention Pictish Trail of course) makes it look a bit safe and underwhelming. 

almost guaranteed* to bring sunshine, it looks like me and mrs wavey will not be coming this year.

A combination of not enough cash, underwhelmed by the line up, and generally 'too old for all that' means that we shall sit this one out.

I will, however, miss it greatly and be completely jealous of you all there.

*guarantee not valid, as its Wales, and it always rains...