2020 - No Blue parking and No Gazebos

Greenman, why?

Blue parking - is the whole of this car park going to be taken up with settlers? That is a lot of settlers. I'm going to have to manoeuvre my family from the oragne car park to the settlers area so we are camped with friends. Thanks for that!

Gazebos - We have lots of rain at the greenman and there aren't a lot of places to shelter so its nice being able to sit under a gazebo around the camp with friends. Are you planning on cramming even more people in? Why? Its never been an issue before, just keep capacity at 20k. This also ties in with settlers. If you are there  for the week and the rain or sun is particularly bad/hot, what are the settlers going to do? Sit in the rain/sun all day with no protection?

These are really bad idea. Please rethink.


oh god yes!

anyway, if we can't get Green Man to revoke the ban we'll be bringing a tent extension and tarp which will cover pretty much the same space as the shelter

won't be as comfortable or practical but we'll manage

another thought: if the capacity hasn't been increased, why the need for the extra park and ride facility and the closure of blue parking for anyone other than settlers?

Capacity has a totally different meaning than number of tickets sold--it would be good if GM confirmed the number of tickets sold this year will be the same as last year.

Looking at the speed of ticket sales this year the gazebo ban has had no impact.

How different can they or, rather, the ratio be year on year? Presumably capacity = tickets + various kinds of staff? Surely the latter cannot be reduced all that significantly.

I suspect a lot of people didn't pick up on it or think it will be revoked or will simply ignore it (I mean how is it going to be policed, really?)

Whatever about total ticket sales in '20, I'm sure there'll be a lot more settlers sold so in a way the Blue car park would be pointless for non-settlers, as I imagine there'll be little or no camping space left in that area of the site. 

Yes I agree with this - i’ve Been going to settlers for donkeys years and it gets more popular every single year. They’re going to need a bigger tent soon!

yeah, gazebogate looks to be a flash in the pan, judging by fastest ever early bird sell out

or a splash in the can - if you've got no gazebo to cover it

I think it's a really bad idea.  There has to be a better way to police people taking all of their belongings/rubbish with them, rather than simply banning the lot.  Clearly more at play here than simply being concerned about landfill, because as some have said it'll take just as much if not more to police the no gazebo rule.  Also, found it very intersting that they are still going to be allowing gazebos if you book with Tangerine Fields....but then that is also another money-spinner so hardly surprising, really.  The below is from the GM website just now....:

"Camping in style!

Fancy arriving to Green Man and find a field of ready-pitched tents (along with the comforts of brand new air beds, gazebos, sleeping bags and pillows) Well get some help from the tent fairy, Tangerine Fields who can make things extra special and ultra easy.

Or if you want a real dose of luxury, stay with us at Hotel Bell Tent for comfort, fun and frivolity! Likened to staying in a boutique hotel, you could be in a beautiful Bell Tent situated imoments away from all of the action..."

Double kick in the teeth for us. We can never manage Settlers but have parked in the blue car park on the Thursday and the walk is sooooo much shorter than from the orange car park. We also try to pack light so usually have a 3 man tent with a tarp for shelter tall enough to stand under. So the light set up with a short walk is magic.

Now it looks like we'll have to bring the bigger tent we have for some stand up living space and lug it from the orange car park. Heavy set up and a long walk, not so magic.

I realise tarps aren't mentioned as forbidden but I'd hate to chance it with the smaller tent only to have to take it down and have no shelter we can stand up in/under . Our bigger tent has a larger footprint than the smaller tent + tarp combined so we'll actually be taking up more space than usual with this setup.

See what you mean about not risking a small tent with a tarp in case the tarp is forbidden.  However, I would have thought a tarp standing in isolation would be regarded as an event shelter and not allowed under the new ruling.  Would have thought if the tarp was connected to (or running from) your smaller tent, then that would be an extension to the tent itself, taking up a modest extra space and acceptable under the rules.  This is the arrangement that I will be going with, unless the organisers turn round on their decision And allow gazebos.

I'll try a couple of different configurations with the tarp in the new year. We did have it seperate from the tent because of the difference in height, although pitched right up to the door. An extension from the porch with a king pole at the two far corners might make a decent covered area just tall enough to stand under at one end. I like messing around with these things anyway.

Those sail thingys from Lidl and Aldi work quite well as a makeshift porch if you combine them with some old tent poles. 

They're normally on offer in the aisles of random wonder when the weather starts to get warmer.

This is the tarp we've been using, if anyone is looking. It's a little more expensive than the green version but the SPF 50 rating is handy. We've used it camping and at the beach and it's been great. Only slight complaint is it came with grey guylines which everyone seems to trip over. I've replaced them with bright yellow, which everyone still trips over. It's like people think this square bit of fabric is magically holding itself up...


We could buy a few of these, Kras, and form a covered walkway between our tents.

It would still be full of slouching recalcitrant teenagers.


don't know but it aint under cover

listening to the mapache GM set this morning - sweet!

I work at another festival as a campsite steward that has a gazebo 'ban'. In this case, it is lightly enforced. Only those groups that are really taking the piss are told to take it down. This is probably very rare. I've not seen it myself. Basically, if you have a group of families and the tents are pitched right up to, or close to, the gazebo then it is ignored. To be honest, working as a volunteer, I wouldn't be comfortable asking a group of families with small children to take a gazebo down.

Not sure I'd want to risk lugging the thing to the campsite just to be told to take it down.

If it's not enforced there'll be plenty of pissed off people who abided by the decision.

Revoke it Green Man!