2019 Recommendations thread


Lovin' these 2 at the minute:

Foxwarren ... 



and Khruangbin ...



Going to see them on the 23rd of this month in Bristol.  

If i get the chance i'll ask her if she can make GM.

Caught Weyes Blood a few years back, bloody brilliant.

Titanic Rising, one beautiful album.

Big Jeff also made the trip over to Cardiff last night to see Bodega in Clwb. He certainly seemed to enjoy it, and with good reason. I know they’ve garnered little favour on here, and I had suspicions they might be just a bit gimmicky, but they’re   now on my list for August. While I’m at it, I also saw Idols on Wednesday (boisterous), and will be going to see Pigs tomorrow. 

been checking this lot out

could be super groovy and weirdly terrifying in roughly equal measure, i think


though they are going to be peering out from that big stage in the middle of the afternoon and thinking, "fucking hell, look at all those middle class white people...  we're not in the congo now, toto"

Great minds mr ray

Also been listening to kokoko! today and they sound like they could be a lot of fun

they'll certainly have the cheapest instruments

there will be more additions won't here?

only I really, really want Weyes Blood

3rd announcement last year was 25th april

so presumably around the same time this year

last year's was pretty meagre - mostly chai wallahs - plus teenage fanclub, as i remember

though we are still awaiting one headliner - at least according to them over on the efestivals site

so maybe they've kept a bit more back this year

we'll see

Just listening to it for the first time.

Lush sound and reminds me of someone from the past, but I can't recall who it might be.

Most of the reviews namecheck Karen Carpenter for the voice, a touch of George Harrison about the music maybe?

It has the big sound (as you say, lush) which isn't so far from a MoR sound but has just the right amount of slightly off-kilter moments to make it sound very special.

Its gorgeous.

very much looking forward to seeing jack cooper's new band (folowing the, by all accounts, highly rancorous ultimate painting split) on monday night - and then again at GM

their 4 track EP, which came out a couple of weeks ago, features a lovely version of the much covered 'blackwaterside'


you'd have though that its capacity for reinterpretation had been exhausted by now - but no

and who'd have guessed that it needed a saxophone part?

(oh, and coincidentally, the other half of ultimate painting, james hoare, has his new record with the proper ornaments released today - and very good it is too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMO5zMaWP2A)

amazing last night

played the whole of the forthcoming record (which looks, from the set list, to be called 'how to live')

mostly as one long piece - with linking sound FX

only a couple of breaks for chat / applause

very trippy - with lots of skronky sax from NY avant-garde man, jeff tobias

their first gig, and jack cooper looked absolutely delighted at the end

smiliest i've ever seen him, i think!

Was one of the really wet years 2007 or 8,i remember standing under the tree at the back of the main arena and very few people being there.

Went to a day festival in Reading yesterday, and one of the acts I caught were Penelope Isles.  I thought after the first couple of numbers (when the keyboards got ditched for a extra guitar) they were excellent.

Also, I don't think there's been any comment here yet about Dry Cleaning (the band, that is). A friend saw them supporting Bodega and recommends them highly.  Quite difficult to find them on the internet, but if you search Soundcloud for Dry Cleaning Magic of Meghan or Dry Cleaning New Job you find them.  I'm looking forward to seeing them live.

I saw Penelope Isles a couple of weeks ago having missed them when they supported BC Camplight last year, and thought they were rather good. Recent single Chlorine stood out and is just the thing for a nice sunny afternoon in the Walled Garden, hopefully. 


I also saw Dry Cleaning supporting Bodega recently and they were interesting. Her vocal style did bring to mind something of The Flying Lizards, or maybe the Velvets’ The Gift in the way the story is central. There’s a bit of that on the Audiobooks album too. They’re already on my list of ones to see again at Green Man. I saw them in January and I thought they were fantastic. I know Bodega seem to feature prominently on ones to avoid lists on this forum, but I thought they were pretty good live too. 


My discoveries for 2019 - stuff I was only dimly aware of or had never heard of but now would really like to catch:

Durand Jones and the Indications

The Beths

The Comet is Coming

Ezra Collective

Sons of Kemet


Nilufer Yanya




Women could do Lady Wees with total abandon.

Beats that awkward inebriated swaying squat over a pint glass in the awning in the dead of night.

No-one on here singing the praises of Jesca Hoop?

Marc Riley has been championing her for the last ten years or so and I really like her too so what further reccomendation do you require. Hospital is one of my favourite songs of relatively recent years and I'm liking the sound of the stuff off her just released album. A must-see for me!

Absolutely loved Memories are Now when it came out a few years back. Still listen to it a lot. She’s definitely someone I really want to watch but Saturday evening is looking tricky - Stereolab is my No.1 and also love CSH and Four Tet (but I have seen both before). Decisions decisions! 

I really like Jesca Hoop and seen her several times and like your good self think Hospital is a fine fine song, i'm also looking forward to seeing her too.

A few others i'm looking forward to also but haven't had much love round here are as follows- 







Yep, I'm a bit of a Jesca Hoop fan, but not checked out the new album yet but Memories are now was one of my favourites from a few years back.  Trouble is, looks like she'll be clashing with Stereolab according to clashfinder, and I can't miss that.

Just back from Latitude where I got to see Dry Cleaning and Squid (both as previously highly touted on here). If the existing Clashfinder is correct and they pretty much completely overlap, its a f*cking disaster.

Also having seen The Beths a couple of months or so ago, I'm 100% up for seeing them again too.

And while I'm on about Latitude, and can't be arsed to post on a different thread, they've been using coloured sheep (not necessarily just pink ones) to promote the festival ever since I can remember, but methinks someone only just worked out that its a good shot for some cheap PR.