2019 Forum Meet-Up

As those lucky settlers are going to be getting packed up and ready for the off over the weekend, we ought to get the arrangements for the Forum Meet confirmed.

As ever we call on users of this forum old and new, and any other waifs and strays they can round up, to meet up on Thursday evening for a drink and a chat to kick things off. 

In time-honoured tradition, it'll be a relaxed and informal affair, and a great way for newcomers to pick up a few tips and meet a few friendly faces that you’re likely to bump into from time to time over the weekend.

Just pop by and say a quick hello, or stay chatting into the evening ... whatever suits. There’s no pressure or expectation whatsoever.

All are very welcome and we usually have a diverse bunch of young'uns, old'uns, families, friends, solo travelers, teetotalers, alcoholics, mosh pit maniacs, twee twisters, glitter babes (biodegradable of course), and the terminally confused (that's me). 

Dress code is a green t-shirt/top if you have one, purely to aid identification of the group. The infamous 'All Night Disco Wrecked My Weekend' thread may be long dead, but we strive to keep its memory alive so if you see anyone wearing the t-shirt in the link below you’re certainly in the right place.



It looks like it's going to busier then ever on the Thursday evening with both Far Out and Walled Garden stages open, but the Walled Garden bar is probably the easier place to meet and find a little corner for our bunch.

I suggest we go for outside the WALLED GARDEN CIDER BAR (assuming it's in the same place this year). Consumpton of the lunatic juice is not essential .. other beverages are available.

As there's a lot happening later let's go for a start time of 5pm, but don't worry if you're not set-up and roaming the site by then as we’ll be there for a few hours - so just pop along when you can. 

Anyone using Twitter - follow @ANDWMW for any last-minute updates.

Can't wait to see you all there!

I will try to pop along. Having a three year old in tow means any planning more concrete than that is an impossibility. But I will endeavour to show my ugly mug.

This Glitter Babe will be there.

Piles of camping gear are forming, early start on Monday.... Settlement here we come.

See you all next Thursday x

I’ll be there, but alas i’ll Be on my own. Mrs Cyfarthfa1 is with her (very poorly) mother and Bethy is resiting exams deferred from the summer by illness. Hoping Beth will get there on Sunday.

I came down for settlers by myself in 2016 and really enjoyed it.  Made some new friends and we came 2nd in the quiz - almost by dubious means.  I was almost indignant when the rest of my family arrived with everyone else on the Thursday!  I haven’t been able to spare the leave since but I will do again. 


Enjoy - you lucky swines - see you Thursday with the rest of the mob. 

Krasnyi, weather has been very windy and wet, branches down etc. very changeable, and can’t see the mountains, but is quite warm. I think it’s in for the next few days.



Ahem ... we were 2nd last!

How many of you do the Bob Stanley/Pete Paphides music quiz on the Saturday lunchtime?  (Think it was moved to Sunday last year).  An excellent hour's entertainment with some worthwhile prizes, usually books.  Would it be worth considering getting a forum team together?

I'll be there - I'm heading down later after I pick up my van, so also hope to see some of you during settlers.

I'm still here,i think with the house move,a few medical issues and hitting sixty at the weekend mangled my head a little this year but alls good now,living in beautiful Radnorshire,clear of medical issues and accepting i'm an old bastard--hopefully see the Otter family at the meet and i'm sure i will bump into Ray at the front  for the best live act around at the moment.


type of the devil...

glad to hear all is well

and 60 is an excellent age at which to behave irresponsibly

i shall encourage it!

Congratulations on the milestone bph.

Great to know that we'll be quorate ... can't wait to see everyone again.

Thanks,the green t shirt is packed and cannot wait to get to Crickhowell on Wednesday and see everyone Thursday and for a change there are artists i want to watch on the Thursday.