2017 requests

Hiss Golden Messenger (seems to have been discussed for a few years now)


Shins apparently? Pleased about Copey being added, especially after his gig in Cardiff on Sunday got postponed, after I made the pointless journey. 

Sleaford Mods too by the looks of it. I'm sure they're pretty Marmite but I'm on board. 

*edit* I see I was pipped to the post. 

I'm with mr ray on this

aldous Harding has just leaked the full announcement on Facebook but I won't steal walter's thunder so early in the morning

8 more must-sees for me

oh thee oh must-sees

couldnt resist that

Excellent Krasnyi! I'll resist the temptation and wait until 9.

I quite enjoy being harangued by an angry old mod occasionally.

Ooh, didn't notice Shirley Collins! What a treat!

Tiny Ruins would be great - a trio of NZ chanteuses (chanteaux ?)

and I'd love some cajun!


julie byrne!

also very happy with copey, shirley collins, st etienne, fruit bats and trembling bells

and - for my old junglist phase - roni size!

fuck - yes - there they are on the poster!

they weren't listed in the '40+ new additions' list on the mail out

but you're right

i am indeed ridiculously chuffed about that

Kate Tempest, Daniel Johnston, Julian Cope, Roni Size, Yorkston Thorne Khan, Pictish Trail all do it for me.

I quite like the occasional nugget of Sleaford Mods, some of Mr Williamson's observations make me smile and grimace, but I'm not sure they'll be on my list to see at GM. Hopefully I'll be too chilled out by the time they're on stage to tolerate an angry man in a kagoule shouting at me. (love it mr ray!)


what's the 'bert jansch tribute'?

just noticed that on there

wonder who'll be involved in that

Thanks Carnie, will give it a listen.

SKM, BC and HGM would be lovely, but I feel greedy asking for more than what has already been announced. 

Terrific announcement. Was listening to Gospelbeach recently after the chat on here, very good indeed. Julian, Kate Tempest, Shirley Collins, Thee Oh Sees.

Fuck me! I would never have believed the first announcement could be bettered.

Kate Tempest !!!! at last - can't wait.

And Daniel Johnston, Shirley Collins, Pumarosa, Julie Byrne, Happyness .....

Can we just cancel the lots more to be announced please? Enough already.

was hoping for either the proper ornaments or ultimate painting too

or preferably both

still more announcements to come though

I've been wanting to see Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear since I first heard them a couple of years ago, and I think they would fit quite nicely into the style of festival Green Man is.

Bill Callahan please. x

He is playing in the UK somewhere else at the beginning of September.

I am offering to put him up at ours in between.

I must admit I'm very tempted by that line up somewhere else Elizabeth.

They're claiming an exclusive on BC so unlikely that GM can sneak him in.



Discovered while browsing the lineup of Safe as Milk festival, also an article on The Quietus. Guitar music of sorts but unlike anything I've heard before.

They'd be great in the Far Out after midnight.

Looks like a cracking festival, fancy it lots.

Would love to see Public Service Broadcasting back, and their new album has a South Wales connection to it, so how about it?

"Our third album is called Every Valley and is a story of industrial decline. It's centred around coal mining in the UK, and in South Wales in particular, but it's a story that's been repeated across the western world and which has particular resonance in today's political climate. 

I have no personal ties to mining, be it coal or otherwise, and I have no family links to the area, but something about the story drew me in. This is an album about community as much as it is about mining; it’s the story of an entire region reliant on one industry, and what happens when that industry dies. What’s certain in my mind is that this album isn’t just about mining, and isn’t just about Wales. It’s a story reflected in abandoned and neglected communities across the western world, and one which has led to the resurgence of a particularly malignant, cynical and calculating brand of politics. 

We recorded Every Valley in Ebbw Vale, historically a steelworkers’ town but one surrounded by coal mines, in the former lecture hall of their former workers’ institute. It seemed important to record in the valleys, as I wanted this album to feel connected to the area it was written about in ways our previous albums hadn’t been. I wanted the album to have a rich, earthy, full sound, and to carry some of the lilt and lyricism of the language itself, something embodied by its title, taken from a 1950s transport film. It hints at peaks and troughs, at the strength and solidity of the community, and the geographical reality of the industry. 

We're really looking forward to sharing the album with you - it'll be out in early July. "

Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere,but so sad to discover when browsing if there was any chance of a Willard Grant Conspiracy at festivals this year that Robert Fisher died last month,watched them many times over the last 15 years and he always came across as such a nice guy.