2017 requests

Hiss Golden Messenger (seems to have been discussed for a few years now)


Saw Low Anthem here in Belfast the other night, would make for an excellent set for the Far Out. 

And saw wedding present tonight, who were good too, if you like that sort of thing. 

A comment on the Green Man Facebook page seems to have put Fleet Foxes out of the running. Mogwai look to be back in studio, I'd be happy to see them. They've played Green Man before haven't they?

Teenage Fanclub were great in Cardiff last night, and the new(ish) album is a return to form. i'd be happy to see them again in August. 

playing live on R6 now. Album is fab - they'd be interesting at GM 17

It was a bit warm alright. 

I'd also forgotten what a pain the treck to and from the bay is.

Let's just have everything in the Tramshed from now on :)






If James are playing I'm not coming. 

So there

that's not passion

that's just him saying he's not coming

coming should always be a passionate act

The Fanclub were superb in Birmingham last weekend, I've seen them more times than I can remember going back to the early nineties and that was one of the best ever. Got tickets for their Shepherd's Bush gig in February and would absolutely love to see them at Green Man. Two of them have already played the festival (Gerard Love with The Pastels and Dave McGowan with Belle & Sebastian) so they must know what an ideal place it is for them to work their magic!

Didn't Jonny play a couple of years back too? Pretty sure they did, in which case you can also add Norman Blake to that list. Definitely be a good time for them to do it. In other news I see Neil Young has withdrawn from some prior engagements amid suggestions he's taking a break from live performances this year, so guess an appearance is an even less likely prospect. First Aid Kit have been quiet for some time, which makes me think there'll be some activity next year

I didn't know Jonny had played before, must've been before 2012 because that was my first GM and I definitely would've watched them. 

Began to question whether I got that right, so had a look at past years' line-ups. Turns out it was 2009. How time flies. I'd never have guessed it was that long ago. 

I'm desparate for some line up!! Even though I don't have tickets yet, I think this is the most excited I've been for GM in Decmeber.

Really need to explore the HGM back catalogue further. What's the general consensus on pecking order? Remiss of me I know, but I've only really listened to the new one so far. 

I do think the new one is just wonderful, but you really can't go wrong with any of them.  Bad Debt and Poor Moon have some crossover, but wonderful stuff - Bad Debt gets played most here though.

I love Haw, the first album I bought.

Lateness of Dancers is closest to current sound

The Orb ate doing 25th Anniversary Ultraworld shows, seems to be Dublin and Belfast ATM, Dublin just happened and I will be at the Belfast show, end of Jan.  Perfect for afterdark!?


I have been reliably informed that the first announcement will come end of January, which I think is pretty much same as last year. Something to look forward to in the bleak midwinter. 

Not sure if I've already said this but, I would love to see I'm With Her - those harmonies!!! They out-Stave The Staves, plus Sarah Jarosz is an absolutely amazing musician, as are the other two of course, but I've seen Sarah live and she is totally stunning.

I'm hoping Weyes Blood will be amongst the names announced later this month. I wouldn't hold my breath on BOC being on that list. 

No idea if they are in the UK in summer

didnt really like the album much but saw them play a set on the tiny desk YouTube channel that was bloody brilliant 

Hope not. I've seen them enough now. I'd like to see Beck play Green Man though. Possible with a new album due this year.