2017 requests

Hiss Golden Messenger (seems to have been discussed for a few years now)


Susanne Sundfor

Michael Hurley

Kosmischer Laufer

Solar Bears


John Murry

Boards Of Canada

Winged Victory


John Carpenter

AA Bondy


Beachwood Sparks

Daniel Rossen

Moon Bros

Ryan Gustafson

Scarfolk Council - In the literature tent.


Good call on John Carpenter Carnie. Lots of things suggested that I'd be happy to see. Nick Cave would probably make me explode but I fear he's out of reach for GM. The Heads, just watched their set from Liverpool Pyschfest, fantastic. Julian Cope would be another treat. 

Cass McCombs

The Liminanas

David Holmes or the Unloved


James Leg

Ed Harcourt

The Julie Ruin

Jamie T

Nils Frahm

Fat Whites....anytime! 

Nick Cave

Lola Colt

Nadine Shah

Mark Lanegan

El Vy


Ty Segall

Le Butcherettes

Martha Wainwright



roy harper was amazing at the RFH last night

a symphonic 'me & my woman' left a lot of hair blown back in the audience

would have been more if that audience had actually had more hair...

be great to have him back at GM for the big 15

I would be delighted to see Michael Rother back next year, it seems that a lot of people missed him and I'm sure that given the opportunity they would love to have a second chance. One of the best GM performances I've seen in the last 8 years - but please, if it were to happen, not on the main stage - the tent's the place!

Not a fan of repeat appearances but it was a stunning show,only nipped in for the first 10 minutes but could not tear myself away,the buzz from the audience adding to a mesmerising performance.

Has anybody heard the new Nick Cave album yet? What I've heard of it is excellent but heartbreaking.

Would love to see him play at GM, if he's touring next year.

Actually, on reflection, having listened to the whole album, I'm not sure I could bear to hear this album live.

I went to see the film last week, beautiful and very emotional. He said that although most of the tracks were written before Arthur's death the event had changed how he, and the band, performed them. Hoping for a tour next year.

I haven't seen the film Smithers, definitely watch out for that.

Speaking of films, I saw The Sad and Beautiful World of Sparklehorse at the other festival which dares not speak it's name.

It was wonderful and very emotional.

Maybe one for next year?

From what I've heard so far from Weyes Blood's forthcoming album I think she'd fit in nicely at Green Man. I like the song she's done on the Drugdealer album too. Any thoughts on what the surprise for first early bird purchasers might be that Fiona mentioned on Facebook?

Steve Mason

He has to be there for the 15th Anniversary - that song To A Door is blowing my mind at the moment. (Far Out tent please).

Foolishly missed out on chance to purchase tickets today to see Richard Dawson play in a cave in Bristol in December. Too slow off the mark, and limited number of tickets all gone now. 

I've been going on for years now about Sarah Jarosz - would really love to see I'm With Her, the bluegrass, harmony "supergroup" that she's in with Sara Watkins and Aoife O'Donovan. Their version of The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn is the best that I've ever heard - even better than Emmylou and Ricky Skaggs - would love to see them.

Julian Cope

Nick Cave

Robyn Hitchcock

The Chameleons

The House of Love

my annual (pointless) request for the tyde

(darren rademaker, brother of beachwood sparks' brent rademaker)

perhaps marginally less pointless this year as they've just put out their first record in ten years

lead track, 'the curse in reverse', features bernard butler on guitar and backing vocs

and sounds exactly like the tyde have always sounded:


I believe that was the deal, all early birders get to choose a band. In which case, forget the above, I want a reformed Gorky's playing Barafundle.

Great call Kras I'd love that.

Barafundle beach is one of my favourite places.

Elizabeth, I'd love Bill Callahan back.

I'll have a think about my early bird request.


Unlikely to ever appear at GM but I rather like Danny Brown's latest, Atrocity Exhibition. More seriously Madonnatron and Swedish Death Candy are both rather interesting. Have Black Lips ever played?

I know two or three on here have already suggested Kate Tempest. I thought her set broadcast on BBC2 last night as part of poetry day was astounding. Am I right in thinking she has performed at Green Man before?

That would be lovely. Lambchop have a new album out soon who would be great too

hotly tipped london beat combo, the rolling stones, have a new record tomorrow

they''ll probably be looking for a few gigs

yeah - be much better to have some shit singer songwriter in a hat complaining about his / her love life

still, i reckon you're probbaly safe