2014 suggestions

few ideas for 2014:


Crystal Castles, Health- check the Die Slow track, The Orb, Gavin Friday, Cathal Coughlan (former lead singer of the fatima mansions), public service broadcast- ON A BIGGER STAGE, ..oh the list could go on


Colorama (still can't believe they've never appeared @ GM TBH)
Meic Stevens (you never know - he turned up to play the Trip festvial on Anglesey a few years back)
Soft Hearted Scientists

(Plus these others that fellow forum members will doubtless add to the list below...)

Colorama playing at the wonderful Cloudspotting festival,would be an excellent choice alongside
The Keys
Burning Ferns

The Felice Brothers are playing Moseley folk Festival at the end of August. They were fairly feckin' awesome 2 years ago on the Mountain Stage...

... just saying

Agree about Colorama.
Would also add The Dukes of Hafod, Kizzy Crawford, Chris King, Moonbirds and the Heavy Flames.

tUnE-yArDs have a new album coming out and an amazing first single:


Merrill's Mountain Stage set in 2012 was a ray of sunshine (literally - one of the few moments it was shining!) in a very muddy GM, and possibly the only time I've seen a non-headline festival act get a genuine, we're-not-going-anywhere-and-we're-gonna-be-properly-cross-if-you-don't-give-us-an-encore, encore. It was amazeballs, as young people say.

Anyhoo - how about a return in 2014 for the multi-looping genius?


tUnE-yArDs already over in the UK twice this year

next month and early september

a third trip would be unlikely

but they may come to europe for august and stick around...

which would be good - as they were indeed great in 2012

I was going to throw a tUnE-yArDs suggestion into the hat myself, but you've beaten me to it Ben. Merril's 2012 performance one of my all time Green Man highlights. She's also playing Bristol Trinty July 2, so think I'll go to that anyway, in case Walter has no joy

call me an iconoclast - but i can't help thinking that those shows are going to be in bad need of a cranial rectolectomy

'before the dawn'?

that's when i'm mostly asleep

also, the fact that they're ALL at the same venue makes me think it's going to be some ridiculous theatrical production

and consequently won't transfer to festivals

Before the dawn sounds suspiciously like an all night disco to me. Whatever way, I can see a frustrating half hour this time next week trying to get tickets

I know it's already been suggested on here, but I wanted to repeat a plea for A Winged Victory For The Sullen to play GM 2014.

they're playing some dates including Primavera in Barcelona, so festivals are go. Sadly, my instinct tells me that Latitude and/or Glastonbury are more likely. I can see them as a Latitude festival exclusive in the Film and Music tent which would be great, but create a queue a mile long.



Yes it was mentioned by me Ben, it would be great, also SoTL, or Nils Frahm or dare I mention BoC.... I know the latter is pushing it!!!

Not heard A Winged Victory For The Sullen yet but I noticed they were on the Primavera bill which pricked my interest. I shall have to investigate further. Future Islands appear to be getting good feedback for their new album and performance on the David Letterman Show. Maybe another one for the synth-pop lovers? I suspect BoC is about as likely as Kate Bush ie not at all likely!

I think we could even say that BoC is LESS likely than Ms Bush, even though a week ago that might have been the opposite! (if only just)


AWVFTS's first record is anunalloyed joy, Wakestock. On the surface it sounds like perfectly pleasant piano driven neo-classical background music. However, repeated listens reveal an album of fantastic depth and wonderment! Sorry to sound too muso, but it really is a wonderful thing. Very excited for the next album.


yes please to a winged victory

or - even better - a full stars of the lid show

but please no, not future islands

OMD fronted by a man who needs to go to the toilet is not my idea of a good time...

i'd watch bill murray pretending to be him though

I'm going to have to take a look at that Letterman clip just to see how accurate that description is now! Have to say that Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia looks increasingly good now they've added a few more names. Woods and Goat are two I'd like to have seen at Green Man

Purely on the basis of this link I'm going to join the growing band calling for Winged Victory... As for Future Islands I think Ray's description about nailed it. That belongs in the comedy tent

Wonders of Social Media, just followed a Tweet to that from Hiss Golden Messenger before visiting here..... very much agree Carnie

I would rather like Foxygen please. And White Denim, please, please. And how about Vic Godard and Subway Sect? Wire? Linda Perhacs? Would love to see Efterklang again too.

Just noticed Kurt Vile has been added to Jabberwocky fest (same weekend, also includes NMHotel, Caribou). Hopefully a few more of the artists playing there will be added to GM too - mainly Hookworms.