2014 suggestions

few ideas for 2014:


Crystal Castles, Health- check the Die Slow track, The Orb, Gavin Friday, Cathal Coughlan (former lead singer of the fatima mansions), public service broadcast- ON A BIGGER STAGE, ..oh the list could go on

Frank Turner or Flaming Lips for a headline slot?

Other bands I'd like to see there:

Frightened Rabbit (subheadline), Two Gallants, Dan Mangan, Damien Jurado, The Antlers, Broken Records, Twin Forks, Roddy Woomble, Hey Rosetta, J Roddy Walston & The Business, Josh Record, Keaton Henson, Kurt Vile, Ruarri Joseph, Tobias Jesso Jr, Wintersleep.

Also if The Slow Show, Phospherescent, Lord Huron and Will Varley return it'd be more than welcome.

Dan Arborise ! 

Paper Beat Scissors

Richard Thompson

Dan Mangan


The Burning Hell

First Aid Kit

Amelia Curran

Andrew Bird

The Dodos

funny, this modern excitement over the shoegaze bands of my youth

which, it always freaks me out to realise, has the same degree of remove as our late 80s yearn for the 60s

a greater one, in fact


of all bands


Loop are playing Primavera too, but personally I'd sooner have Hookworms than either of those now. The band I mean, not actual hookworms

Please please please PLEASE bring back The Flaming Lips. Best gig have ever seen anywhere ever and would be same for those who missed them last time.

I think you're only allowed to see Flaming Lips once before you die or something like that.

I tried to see them again but the gig was cancelled cos Wayne fell ill.

I've always reckoned it was my guardian angel deflecting the bad karma.

Their 2010 performance is certainly of one of my all time GM 'moments'.


Anyone seen the lineup for the new ATP festival in London? On the same Friday and Saturday as GM. Neutral Milk Hotel and Caribou headlining, Hookworms, Pissed Jeans, Growlers, Metz on the bill. Happily see any of those at GM.

These would be good if they're available:- Woodkid, Hiss Golden Messenger, Kurt Vile, Sun Kil Moon and the Irrepressibles

would very much agree with Hiss Golden Messenger, very special night seeing him in Totnes last year.  Also saw a great show from Steve Gunn, Time Off was a great album last year, great to see it played live, also tie in nicely with Kurt Vile


went to see the very excellent East India Youth last night, in the sticky-out side bit (transept??) of Sheffield Cathedral. He would sit very well in the Far Out tent. Lit up a cold Yorkshire night.

Saw on the facebook page that Tickets will be on sale this Tuesday.. Does this mean initial lineup announcement will come by Tuesday as well ? 
I do have to travel across the Atlantic to get there, but pretty sure i'll be buying a ticket anyway! 

well tcashin, if there isn't a lineup announcement along with the tickets going on sale, a certain cheeky mutt better have the RSPCA phone number on speed dial, as there is likely to be lots of abuse heading his way :)

We're well versed with giving travel advice here, however transatlantic flight schledules have yet to feature in our consideration. Your avatar alone tells me that you are somone I would be pleased to share a drink and a chat with at Green Man, so please do ask if we can help in any way with your arrangements for getting there.



Sounds good, Very excited for Tuesday then. I will try to keep an eye on the forum and definitely would be up to share a drink with anybody when i get there

first time seeing the man on Saturday in Glasgow and wow.  mesmerising.  not likely to be back over this year I guess but couldnt help drifting to thoughts of him performing on the mountain stage on a starry GM night.  perfect for Glanusk.

anyway, the fantastic Alasdair Roberts (unfortunately not on same bill Sat) supporting the rest of his UK dates this week.  unmissable stuff

Tom Waits, Beck, Devendra Banhart, Bill Callahan, Joanna Newsom, J Tillman, The Walkmen, Christopher Owens, Waxahatchee, Hospitality, Jaymay, Port O'Brien

School of Language have a new album coming out soon - it would be great to see them at Green Man.

And I'm sure someone has already said this, but The Mountain Goats would also be amazing.

That's such a shame about The Walkmen. They were one of my highlights at End of The Road last summer putting in a cracking performance!

I'd like to see Jonathan Wilson and Dawes, phosphorescent again would be tremendous but in the far out this time - their show at the kazimier was a religious experience, the support was from Caveman who'd be a good fit too. Father john Misty could be excellent, although having seen him as J. Tillman he was very poor and belligerent.
The National are due a return I reckon. After dreaming of Neil Young and MBV last year and getting Ben Howard and Kings of Convenience I hold little hope, but that said I'm over the moon with today's announcement NMH, Kurt Vile and Poliça makes me very happy indeed.

Edit - just had a quick listen to happyness, I like it, I like it a lot. I don't enjoy £28.50 in booking fees/postage though.

You're right about the Phosphorescent gig at the Kaz, Marshall ...it was utterly mesmerising; I'd love to see them return to GM this year.
Bill Callahan was quite brilliant in Manchester last night too. Surely he needs to promote his wonderful new album Dream River to a wider audience this summer at GM.
Likewise Damien Jurado.

Frank Turner (headline)Flaming Lips (headline) Frightened Rabbit (subheadline), Two Gallants, Dan Mangan, Damien Jurado, The Antlers, Broken Records, Twin Forks, Roddy Woomble, Hey Rosetta, J Roddy Walston & The Business, Josh Record, Keaton Henson, Kurt Vile, Ruarri Joseph, Tobias Jesso Jr, Wintersleep.

Damn it only 1 act from the above got announced, keeping fingers crossed for announcement number 2 being better

If it's not too late to make a last minute request ...

I first saw Julia Harris around 8 years ago and loved her live performances. Despite working extremely hard she never got the break she deserved and the long hoped for album never arrived, and she seemed to disappear off the scene for a while.

Quite by accident tonight I found out that she released an album last year and it's bloody great. Not sure if she's still living in Cardiff but I'm sure she can be cajoled into appearing at Green Man and the video just screams 'made for Green Man' ... wellies and all ;)


Ásgeir would be great, loving his album and revisiting some other great Scandinavian Music, Choir of Young Believers please.

Great initial list, but....

Currently listening to and very much hoping for one or two from:
Django Django
Dirty Projectors
Nils Frahm
Hiss Golden Messenger
Matthew & Me
Omar Souleyman
Real Estate
Jonathan Wilson
Matthew E White

Your postscript is pretty much my identical to my essential list too, Jon.
I was sad to see King Creosote missing from last year's line-up.
It would be lovely to see him this year.

I think that The National could be a good shout for Saturday. They are just across the North Sea a few days before. I suspect it could also be of note that the End of the Road Festival seem to be holding back on any announcements. Could they be doing both?!

The National is my best bet for the Saturday headliner as well. They're touring a fair bit with Daughter this year so it wouldn't surprise to see them together at the same location again. Also, I believe Beirut and The National currently share a trumpet player, unless that has changed recently.
I'd have no complaints.

How far away is the next lineup announcement ?

*The National appear to be playing Lowlands on the same weekend, so perhaps it's a stretch for them to fly over for GM

Hell NO please not The National........yawn

Jonathan Wilson would be great, his set in Bristol was absolutely brilliant.

I think it is highly unlikely NY will play although it would be amazing, I think Jonathan Wilson would be a great night finisher, Beirut, NMH, KoC, Ben Howard I wouldn't class as big headliner draws myself, so why not.

No offence but Johnathan Wilson[ who I do think would be a good addition] is no where near a big a draw as the others you mention.The online reaction to the first two headliners far exceeds any other previous headline announcement and I am happy they have gone down a more atp route than taking a more safe middle of the road headliner route.