1st time pracitcal issues

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all the people who replied to my previous posts. Your advices were very precious.

So, I might need some more... :-D

1 I live in London, do you know what's the easiest (and cheapest) way to get to the Green Man from here?

2 As I have never been there, I really don't know how it works at GM ... I might be alone, so, I would like to know: what's the best camping area for me to put my tent in?

3 What are the things that I have definitely to bring (that I might forget) and to put in my luggage, apart from enthusiasm and passion for quality music?

Anny suggestion is much appreciated



Hi Willy,

1. check out the Lift-share section of the forum - you might be able to catch a lift from someone in return for a contribution to the cost of fuel.

2. If you are without kids, the general camping area is the best place - the whole festival site is glorious so there are plenty of lovely spots to camp.

3. Waterproof jacket, wellies, baby wipes, paracetamols, torch, a piece of polythene to sit on should the weather turn inclement (it won't of course!), a warm jumper, tent & sleeping bag.
I can't do without a coffee in the morning so a little stove and kettle essential for me - but there are stalls where you can buy a coffee and brekkie.
The food stalls provide a diverse and high-quality range of eating options, but if you're on a tight budget it may be a good idea to bring a few snacks to supplement.
The cider is completely superb!

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your help.

I'll follow your advices...

See you at the festival!!!

I travelled by coach from Victoria lat year - think it was £40 return and dropped us off on site so sounded better than the train. I think it was 4 hours each way.

I generally take hot chocolate camping rather then coffee as it doesn't need milk