1st announcement bingo

i'd mentioned this in another thread - but suppose it ought to have its own

the perennially popular 1st announcement bingo makes the return for which you've all been holding your breath, crossing your legs, twisting your melons, etc.

so excited are some folks, in fact, that the testicles have nicked the idea

though surely their prize can't be nearly as desirable

to repeat the arbitrarily decided upon rules:

voting starts on fri 24th (anything before that will be gleefully ignored)

with a cut off at midnight on the 28th jan (announcement being 9am on the 29th)

same rules - 1 point for every uk based band correctly guessed, 2 for any making it in from further afield

and, after last year's border shenanigans, i might offer 3 points for any band from the african continent

10 predictions please

all and any strategies for cheating heartily encouraged

I'm a huge KC fan but I'm afraid that other than his excellent From Scotland With Love soundtrack he hasn't done anything of merit since Diamond Mine with Jon Hopkins in 2011. I'd love to see him back on the scene though.

It's From Scotland with Love that he is touring in spring---to be fair he has never disappeared from the scene,he tours every year.

I thought Astronaut meets Appleman was his weakest major release to date, sounded to me like he was running out of ideas.

I'd love them both to be there but they'd have to be kept apart.

My best guesses, most of whom I'd be very happy to see on the 1st announcement

BC Camplight

Bllck Peaches


Jonathan Wilson

Mac Demarco

Phoebe Bridgers


The Tallest Man on Earth

Viagra Boys

WH Lung

My guesses based on pure speculation...

Orville Peck

The Twilight Sad

Roddy Woomble

Gruff Rhys

BC Camplight

Bonnie Prince Billy

Black Country, New Road

Sacred Paws

The Big Moon

My Bloody Valentine

 *edited because I can't spell bloody 'bloody'

ooh, look

we've got a new background

it's very... yellow

let that be a sign to you stragglers

just 26 and a half hours left to get your guesses in

looks like i have a point with smoke fairies

though could be twin peaks, i suppose

my eyesight isn't good enough to see if there are any peaks in that first picture...

They've also posted a cowboy, a bird and a fish in replies to people asking for clues. So Orville Peck was my take away from the cowboy and bird but I'm stumped with the fish?

someone on the testicles suggested that - or maybe on twatter - can't remember

but then what would the fog be?  an echoey landscape?

either way, if we're going to have a defreitas, i'd rather it was the other brother - in the woodentops

puts head above parapet . .

for me neck and neck with New Order as the most overrated band of the shit decade that was the 80s

 . . I'll get me coat

(70s rule - end of)

70s rule? - with a few notable exceptions, 70s was increasingly dire until punk came along

you young folk need to realise that 60s rule, particularly 1967!

mind you, there's also some pretty good stuff around right now too.

pina colada / aubergine / lightning cloud says tropical fuck storm to me

so someone here has got a couple of points, i think


well done that man

now let's hope they bring last year's touring partners and fellow aussies, RVG, with them

and not just because i'd then get two points as well

Ha! I added them because of GM's historical willingness to have bands with Fuck in their name high on the billing.

Very happy that they appear to have come good again - RVG would indeed be a bonus, if not a point winner, for me.

Not going to do the ones from the twitter clues as most people didn’t have the chance to see them and none of them so far are acts I’d have guessed. But I’m going to start with some old favourites and get gradually more ambitious.

Pictish Trail

Yorkston Thorne Khan

Richard Dawson

Hen Ogledd (was going to just say RD, but there’s new HO stuff out soon I think?)

Moon Duo

Gruff Rhys

Edwyn Collins

Weyes Blood

The National

Jesus and Mary Chain


Not part of my 10, but for other possible headliners I was saying Tame Impala last year as they’d be smashing in that slot. Or are we due a return from the Flaming Lips? I’d personally love to see Wilco back.  I’ve occasionally had a hunch that the Manic Street Preachers might randomly headline one year, as a local band who’d put on a good show and would draw a crowd.

Other question, are Snapped Ankles going to be a yearly thing? Hope so.

I heard Jehnny Beth of Savages on R6 last week and know she has a new album out soon....she was in my top 12 but didnt make the ten.

Can I have half a point if it's her?


ok, you useless lot, the results are in!

mostly, we all did tremendously badly

though some did worse thatn others

so, without further ado, and in reverse order, we have:

in 19th or, as i prefer to think of it, last place is chrissied with 0 points - congratulations that man

in joint 15th place, with 1 point, are cuban pedro, slugger, mikey and jedthehumanoid

in 14th place, with 2 points, is wakestock

in joint 10th place, with 3 points, are a little otter, kras, electronicfreq and carnie

in joint 6th place, with 4 points, are smithers, elizabeth, bertha's dad and blackatista

in joint 3rd place, with 5 points are me, muddy holly and peridot

in 2nd place, with 7 points, is borninthefifties

but clear winner, with 9 points, is mookid

he was also the only person to get more than four bands right - regardless of geographical origin

so even without my (frankly dubious) points system, he'd have won (i presume you're a he, mookid - apologies if not)

give him a hand

no - no that kind of hand


Taking into account the announcement, it's a badge of honour to have come last. 

Thanks very much! I accept, jointly, the much coveted prize.

Not to dispute the powers that be, but I think I actually got a few more points than 7 - if two points are awarded to non-UK acts?