1 x Teen ticket for sale

I have one teen ticket for sale, or will have, once they are posted out.  I've never done this ticket touting thing before, so any sensible advice on how it's done on this forum would be appreciated.

I'm aware that I'm asking upwards of a Ton for something I don't have in my possession yet, on a message board where I'm a moderately long standing, but utterly inactive member (sorry) and using a made-up name.  I will, I promise, be able to corroborate my identity before monies are exchanged and, as my boss is on the Green Man board,  I 'spose you can ask him to sack me if I rip you off...

Cost me £115 & £6.50 "booking fee".   £121.50 and it's yours.  Ticket can be collected in Cardiff once GM posts them out or I can forward it special delivery if you pay for ticket and postage in advance.

Remember kids, you need to have a responsible adult with you if you buy this ticket. You also get a distinctive wristband with puts the kaibosh on your chances of scoring Growler at the bar.