1 spare ticket for sale - over £30 off!

Hi there

Due to a relationship breakup I now have a spare ticket to what will be my fourth Green Man (which I am still looking forward to, albeit on my own!).

Yours for just £120 which includes Special Delivery to any UK address.

I would upload a picture of it, but I don't seem to be able to - ticket number is GA 2074.  If you'd like photographic evidence, let me know. :)

Either reply to me on here, or twit me @postgator.

Thanks everyone


Dear Jeremy,

Is the ticket still available?

From where are you going to go there?

I would be on my own.

BR, Karina

Hi Karina

Yes, ticket is still available.

I'm driving from London, on the Wednesday, staying in Newport overnight then going from there in the morning.  Unfortunately I can't offer anyone a lift as I have a very small car! :(

If you're interested in the ticket, you can Paypal me - jeremybrown123@hotmail.com