Actual tickets

Anybody received their actual tickets yet?

Can't remember how early they're usually dispatched. 




It's over two and a half years since I bought mine and I still haven't received them !!!!!

Checked my original email... it seems the only tickets being mailed out are car park passes.

All the festival tickets will be emailed and print at home.

Have we not paid an extortianate postal charge to what now equates to a piece of card being posted out?

According to my original ticket order confirmation email from Ticketline from last September ...

"If you have purchased car park tickets they will be posted to you, all other tickets will be delivered by email closer to the event so you can print them out at home."

Hope that helps, berthasdad.

However who knows with Ticketline,  eh?

Yeh on Twitter GM have said campervan and car park tickets will be sent out physically and all other tickets will be e-tickets, which will be sent out to everyone at a later date.  I think my email from Ticketline regarding physical tickets was out of date from when I rolled over my 2020 ticket. 

thanks both for that. i was worried cos my email from last year when i rolled over said that tickets will be posted and i hadnt seen anything different. I wont hassle ticketline!

From GM this morning...

Hello! E-tickets should all be sent out by the end of this week, so keep a look out for then

If post is still allowed out of the UK into the EU I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my settlement car park ticket... No e-tickets here yet either.

The person I bought two weekend tickets from on Fanticks has received the actual physical tickets through the post today.

Go figure...

Still nothing here. Though I guess that because I was one of the last to buy and paid in installments I might be one of the last batch to go out.


Have y'all got yer car park tickets. I'm getting worried now! We have no post here on a Saturday so there's just 2 days left and then ... what? 

We'll do our usual 14 hour commute only to be turned away at the Settlers car park? !!! 

(I actually bought 2 car park tickets but circumstances have changed and 4 of us will travel in the 1 car so if by chance I do get both there's a spare going for any forum user). 

I have the same problem: GM advised me to email Ticketline who replied quite quickly. They have offered to refund the car park ticket and say that we can buy a new one on arrival (this is only possible for Settlers).


Good to hear Jimbo. 

I've been in regular contact with Ticketline since last Friday just to get 2 of my 4 tickets which they had upgraded in May (rollover tickets). 

Now that I'm also asking them for just 1 of the 2 car park tickets (that I bought 2 and a half years ago) they have stopped answering my queries. 

Good to know that there is a possible solution even if it will be very frustrating after a 14 hour commute. 

Would be even better if they would confirm this with me. 

I did just check with GM that buying the Settlers car park ticket on the door isn't a problem. They said it's fine, it'll be £35. I'm not sure whether Ticketline are going to refund ticket + booking fee but not a huge deal.


Thanks Jimbo. I find it very strange that they are claiming that both my tickets were sent out separately and BOTH have been lost in the post! 

My tickets are rollovers and 1 has been upgraded teen to student so maybe that was just too much for them to cope with!

I'm relieved that perhaps it's a common enough problem to enable GM to have a plan in place. Obviously we won't be able to get to the Box Office before we park the car and if they insist on a car park ticket before we can park ....  

I will be extremely annoyed if after a long journey we are to be held at the gate while 1 of us takes the long walk down to the Box Office to queue to buy a ticket then walk back ... 

Should be no need to worry Slugger, GM replied to me on Twitter saying "You can purchase the ticket on arrival at the gate". Maybe make sure you have the right amount in cash at the ready? (£35)

And Ticketline are going to refund the same amount, so good news all round.