beverly glenn-copeland

been following the frantic discussion of who might be appearing on which stage over at the other place

and it made me wonder where they're going to put beverly glenn-copeland

you really don't want a bunch of cunts chatting their way through that set...

could he headline walled garden?

that would most likely weed out the aimless wanderers

i wonder if he's a big enough draw to put in that spot - but then there've been some weird choices for that in the past

nilufer yunya when no one had any idea who she was, for instance

GM is currently the ONLY show on his tour page!

and i really don't want to have what's likely to be my only chance to see him ruined by the pissed up hordes

the other thing i've been wondering is whether, at 77, he's the oldest person ever to play GM

i know there are folks who have played that are older than him - donovan, the ISB

but not WHEN they played

ralf hutter at 75 will be one of the oldest people to have played this year too

but anyone older than 77?  who am i forgetting?

How old would Meic Stevans have been if he had appeared a couple of years back, instead of being a bit of a racist twat (by all accounts)

wait, he was due to play in 2019

and GM canned him after islamaphobic comments 

i remember now

he woud have been 77 then

still, as he didn't appear, beverly's 77 this year is the one to beat!


hmm... she only spoke in babbling tongues, though, didn't she?

i know she's been at GM twice

the first time she stayed in our B&B!

and was lovely

unlike stephen malkmus - who left a snide comment about shirley in the visitors book...

What was the comment Ray? I always had him pegged as a good guy...

honestly, i can't remember exactly what he wrote

i just remember us seeing it and thinking oh, why would you do that?

it wasn't anything out and out shitty - just kind of smart-arse and unnecessary

he was generally a bit starry the whole time

the jicks would come down for breakfast and seemed like nice folks

but malkmus would just hide in his room, unwilling to mix with the hoi-polloi

none of this will stop me going to the pavement reunion shows later in the year, though!

we are

but different owners now

imagine that book is long packed away in someone's attic...

Perhaps we could employ an adventurous History Professor to track down and recover the forgotten relic, along the lines of 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Guest Book'.

She clashed with Alasdair Roberts. I remember that because I made what I thought was a very quick dash from stage to stage to catch the end of Roberts set, and Alex Nielson who was in both bands was already on the walled garden stage playing drums (tbf, I think Shirley had finished with a couple of unaccompanied ones to let him get a head start).

I have the same concern you have with Beverly but with Ichiko Aoba instead. I have wanted to see her for ages. I'm not sure if a festival will be the best place but i'm hoping all the crowd talkers will be off at something like Viagra Boys or Bicep!


do you mean ichiko aoba?

sad - but i thought you meant BGC had cancelled for a moment!


it looks like you DID mean BGC

that is a huge cancellation for me...


where did you find out the news about his health?

i've searched but can't find anything on-line

It's what GM said in a few tweets in response to the announcement yesterday.  I've not seen any other information from another source. 

ah, right

well, thanks for letting me know

assuming that this would have been my last chance to see him - so properly disappointed...