Live in vehicle field

Last two times we have been we followed the herd and setup camp with everyone else. 
However I remember seeing people setup off on their own, giving them a bit more space.

Is it a case of you can setup where you like? 

Are you in a campervan or caravan? if you get there early in a caravan / trailer tent there are some nice spots near the front of the field with plenty of extra space, but campervans / motorhomes tend to be pretty much nose to tail to make sure they can get everyone in. 

There is an 'overflow' area off to the right that you might persuade a steward to let you move to but it's steeply sloped and not ideal.


We are in a campervan. Ah so the spots at the front are caravans, never paid too much attention there, just saw people had pitched there. 

Thanks for the info.  

We always park up towards the front and up the little hill on the right- above the showers.  we just tell the stewards we are heading that it: there's more room between vans up there, less packed ino. Just don't tell everyone..

She's gone now, unfortunately....think it's going to be a new-fangled T5 for us next.

hope you get a spot 'up the hill' - I think it's deffo the best place to be. We're not there this year so you can take our spot!