Queues at Bars and Why

Looking forward to seeing you all downing a Growler or the other many lovely Welsh brews we have waiting for you. As ever our lovely bar crew are waiting to serve you but there maybe more queues at bars than usual in this unusual year. This is because the crew at each bar are in bubbles and we are not able to add more crew to serve you like we normally do when those bars become busy. Green Man is a small site and no bar is very far away so can you please work with us and if this happens move to another less busy bar nearby. Can you communicate this to others if you feel they do not understand as we realise this can be frustrating. We are doing our best to make sure this doesn't happen by taking on more bar crew than usual but if it does then you now know why.

Thank you and Woof Woof..



Thanks Walter.

Anybody who loves Green Man will surely regard this year's festival as an exercise in collective cooperation and mutual respect and understanding.

I'm just so thankful it's going ahead. 


I'm sure people will understand that we're all getting used to being back to "normal" and support the bar staff.

In the interests of public service I might order double rounds though to help keep the queues that bit shorter. 

I second all Elizabeth has said.After the last 18 months and resigning myself to this year also not happening I am just relieved that what has become such an important part of our year and life(we moved to Powys entirely because of Green Man) is going ahead--anyone who complains about such minor things is at the wrong festival.

Presumably the Courtyard bar will work in the same way as it has last couple of years with bar staff, and queues assigned to designated breweries? That has made a huge difference, speeding up service and reducing crowding. if memory serves there was a dedicated area for cider at the Walled Garden bar as well. I wonder if there's a way to do a little more of that? In sections serving Growler would it work to have one person pouring and lining up pints and another taking cash etc? I agree though, everyone's going to be so happy to be there they will (hopefully) understand some measures will still need to be in place that might make things slightly different to normal.