Weather 2021

But I want mud :(

I actually bought a new waterproof jacket today so it probably will be splitting the stones.

The weather seems even less important than than the line-up this year but it's always fun watching the changing forecast. I recall one app forecasting snow in a previous year!


I need to get a new waterproof jacket before the festival too. Not really had much need for one last 18 months, or clothes or shoes most of the time either!

Not really thought of that but if rain does mean bunching up under cover then will be ready to don a face mask and hope everyone else follows suit.

A weather related query. Anyone have any recommendations for a decent waterproof jacket that should leave me equipped to face everything the microclimate in that part of the world is likely to throw at us in mid-August. Leaning towards Patagonia Torrentshell 3L at the minute as it looks like it might do the job and packs up small, which is a major bonus when you're staying off-site and have to carry everything you need for the whole day around with you. 

I've never had anything but good experiences with the various north face ones I've had; I've not had a Patagonia waterproof but equally everything I've had from them bas been absolutely top drawer; including my waterproof back back that will be strapped to me for the majority of the festival!

a waterproof backpack has been a godsend the last few years

being able to chuck it on the ground without it just wicking a swimming pool's worth of brown water up into the clothes i was planning to change into has changed my GM life!

as wakestock says, when you're not staying on site, you end up carting a lot of stuff around with you all day

so the pack-away-into-your-backpack chair has also dramatically improved my posture

as far as jackets go, i'd say one big (though physically small) thing to consider is a brim on the hood

i had a jacket without one for a few years and wiping rain off my face got very old

even the jacket i have now doesn't have a big enough brim

and i often look jealously at the north face people with a virtual gazebo on their heads...

Have you tried wearing a baseball cap or similar under the hood?  
obviously worn with the peak facing forward and not worn back to front (or sideways) like you young trendies are wearing then these days

yeah - but i'm not much of a hat person 

(as you can imagine, 'hat hair' is a SIGNIFICANTLY bigger deal for me than most...)

i just need to get my shit together and buy a new jacket!

Yes, and I bought the peaked cap which is waterproof from Crickhowell Adventure in 2019.  The peak of the cap keeps the hoodie up from my North Face top so I can see forwards without having to continually adjust the hoodie.

I tried this when watching Conor Oberst in the pouring rain a few years ago. The cap wicked the rain under my hood and started a constant trickle down the back of my neck. I headed to the tent to watch Julian Cope instead.

I managed to stick around for most of his set and it was great. Him and the Felice brothers together was worth the soaking. It pushed me to get a better waterproof too.

i have the 'classic' 20 litre version from these guys:

it's essentially a boat bag - i.e. a rubber bag that folds over at the top to make a waterproof seal

which means no compartments inside - it's a just one space

as soon as you stitch anything onto a bag, it stops being waterproof

but that still beats a bag full of wet stuff

and if you need more organisation, if you scroll down on that page, you'll see they also sell a 'backpack tidy'

a bunch of stitched together pockets that slots inside the waterproof bag

I always take a sailing jacket and a dry bag - nothing gets in. Sailing jackets tend to have a peaked hood and inner cuffs too, stopping all those raindrops cascading in around your wrist while you raise your hands to the mountains when the music warms your soul. You can get a decent e.g. Helly Hansen one at several of the out of town outlet stores for a song, like MacArthur Glen near Bridgend. 

Having decided to rollover this year (that was an easy decision, not - agony) I am now concerned that you are going to enjoy perfect weather while I cry at home. BASTARDS. 

So long as the weather is fine for our alternative Marple Green Non-Binary Festival this weekend at Mike and Lisa's, I guess I'll be slightly soothed. But knowing my luck, we will get pissed-on and you will be sunkissed....AHHH

It'sraining in south wales today, but looka like the sun may come out before the day is done...

It's pouring down in mid Wales,waiting of course until after I've given everything a thorough watering before travelling tomorrow.

For those who care, the forecast now seems to be a few showers on Thursday, a bit more on Friday, a bit more on Saturday and then proper rain on Sunday.

Could be a lot worse- the site tends to deal with showers okay.