GM 2021 - Yes, No or Maybe?

Seems ages since I've been on the forum - what's the current thinking on whether GM 2021 will go ahead?

I'm cautiously optimistic but certainly not over-confident and I'm definitely crossing everything!

Stay safe and hopefully be with you in a field in Wales in a few months time.

Go for it Ray, as well as securing Green Man 2021 by taking one for the team, you would also be in line for a £20k per annum role for just 15 days work.

sorry, as in the govt's 'transparancy data', there's been a completely natural 'administrative error'

i was thinking of myself in more of a facilitating role on this one

with a reasonable and commensurate commission

Interesting that they have rejected being a test event. It sounds like it would hand over the power to cancel or shut down the festival to the government.

Part of the reason Womad cancelled was because they could not be accepted as a test event and have any cancellatio costs underwritten by th3 Government.  Obviously test event status must be different in wales although I wonder how an event scheduled for mid august could still be considered a test event for further summer festivals, is that not a bit late in the day?


Given the upcoming government announcement re: England, this is a massive battle of nerves isn't it to see what the Welsh government do and how long it will take them to do it. They've held on this long; if they run out of time then surely they're going to lose it by a matter of days. The positive I see in the fact they were at least offered test event status, is that there's clearly a degree of dialogue there with the government

Wonder how soon before kick off anyone starts prepping the site? Cos wandering about it yesterday it didn't look like anyone had gone anything at all yet....but then again I've never been on a festival site 6 weeks before it starts before, and don't suppose they need 6 weeks to sort they?

I went to a wedding on the grounds a few years ago and they had just started marking the site out with wooden pegs (it was very strange to see it without all the 'stuff' in it) - just checked and that was 28th July, so there is still time - fingers crossed

Unless it was a mahoosive wedding surely there's a shed load more work to be done to transform what was weirdly just empty parkland, a few buildings and a courtyard into the wonderland we know and love....? It was really bizarre being there with no sign of GM...

Sorry - I meant when I was at the wedding I took the chance to wander round the GM site and being a bit surprised that nothing obvious had really started on the festival site build, other than a few pegs marking where the big tents and foot outlets are located - most of it must happen towards the end because I turned up for GM 2019 3 weeks later and everything was definitely there!

Is Anyone even considering not going, cos of covid?

Berthasmum is looking at her parents in their 80s who've both just got it - again - and a friend of a friend who is now proper unwell with it....and she's thinks about the proliferation of long covid ....and she' thinking about 10,000s of infected youth descending on Glanusk (We're in our 50s....) and she's thinking that she just might swerve it this year....

is she a lone, middle-aged, uptight worryhound? Or is anyone else questioning the wisdom of pitching up next month?

Fwiw, I'm fucking going 

I am not going.  Not just worried about Covid (I am 65 and double vacced) but I had to let my house sitters go as I coulddn't let them know for certain what was happening.  It was unfair to keep them hanging on when they could make other arrangements.  I am now trying to see how I can sell on my ticket.  Any ideas?

We will still go but I'm hoping the Far Out stage has open sides and all acts are shown on screens outside---i will still wear a mask at bars,food stalls and walking on busy pathways.

fingers crossed i will also be going and, like you will wear a mask where appropriat.  Mask wearing is to protect those around you so hope the majority of people will follow suit (if it is not part of the GM rules)

I'm really not sure. The idea of mixing with 20,000 people right now scares the crap out of me. I wonder whether, if it does go ahead, people might be allowed to carry their tickets forward another year. The projection is for there to be around 10 million people having to isolate by August - bad luck if you get pinged on the eve of the fesitval. And yes, if I'd have had a ticket for last night's match I'd have given it away. 

I'm in two minds, part of me hopes it's cancelled to make the decision for me, although I realise that could be financially ruinous for them Like you the thought of huge crowds doesn't sound enticing right now. Be interestig to see what Borninthefifties makes of Latitude but I guess the decision will have been made by then

After feeling optimistic a few days ago I'm now thinking it's unlikely to go ahead. Mark Drakeford has always been far more cautious than the useless crooks in Westminster and I'm not sure he's going to let thousands of people cross the border into Wales whilst the Johnson Variant is ripping through England.

Yeah, if it's on I think I'll go but it'll be weird- will definitely try and wear a face covering in tents, especially around the bar. Public transport too- considering hiring a car for the journey.

Soo the official Green Man 2020 Spotify playlist I have been listening  to this week has in the last couple of days been updated to "Green Man 2021 Main Playlist" and is currently empty.. I'm taking that to be a good sign?

I don't feel that confident about going right now. Not sure I'll be able to be in big crowds after months of avoiding people and the high case rates scare me. I think if it was just me and my husband I might feel differently but we also have an 8 year old. It would feel a bit like putting her into a massive experiment. I don't feel comfortable with that. Also, I don't want to have to be constantly checking what she is doing, making sure others aren't getting too close and so on. I only want to go if I can let her be a bit feral like she normally is at festivals and with covid I just don't see how that can happen. 

Concerns around being in a crowd are definitely valid. My partner's grandad is a fit and active older guy and he was hospitalised last week by the virus. He's had both vaccines, has no underlying issues and it still laid him low. Let's see what today's announcement brings.

Government announcement here. This seems a bit too "wait and see", to my reading.

Here's the plan. As far as I can see, Level Zero from August 7 would mean Green Man could go ahead, but the "if the public health situation allows" bit doesn't seem commital enough unless the festival has some generous insurance arrangements?


Fiona Stewart interviewed on BBC Wales tonight,she said if they plan to go ahead and the rules change and they have to cancel it would end GM for good.Insurance is not going to happen but surely the Welsh Government should offer to cover losses in that event because of the amount of money it brings to Powys each year,it would be a false economy not to back it.Hoping but have doubts.

that stewards email does sound pretty promising

don't get me started on that 'there' though...


"Well, today the news we have been waiting for!! Though we have been working over the last few months there are somethings that we have not been able to sort out until the Welsh Government made there announcements today. Please look out for emails in the next few weeks as we finalise our plans and help us by responding quickly.

The next thing we have to concentrate our positive energy on is the weather!!

See you in a months time!!!"

I was a bit concerned about that 'there' too. Don't they proof-read their emails before sending them out? I've just watched the interview with Fiona on iPlayer (Wales Today's evening report, around 12 minutes in if anyone's interested). It talks about how important it is to Crickhowell traders and the local economy, especially with the Settlers, and that proof will be required that attendees are Covid free. What's still not clear is whether that previous suggestion that once you're on site you won't be able to come and go still stands. I haven't entirely ruled out attending if it means camping is the only option, but I will need to know. 

I wonder how they'll get people to prove they are covid-free. Presumably this would also mean that the thousands of kids in attendance would also have to do this, otherwise asking adults to do it is kind of pointless...

There is a GOV.UK app that will provide a record of your Covid jabs to date and all your home test results assuming that you have been submitting results.

it does require the tests to be accurate and participants to be honest in submitting their results.  What can go wrong?

"Please look out for emails in the next few weeks as we finalise our plans"

next few weeks? They do know Settlers is due to open a month tomorrow?

If it does go ahead I hope they'll allow people to roll over their tickets to 2022. With Covid cases spiralling ever upward and probably set to increase further after  Freedumb Day next week I just wouldn't feel safe and can't imagine being able to relax among large numbers of people. Don't want the faff of having to hawk my tickets on the internet. 

Me too, me too.  I am quite angry (loud tuts Victoria Wood style) about the lateness of any decision.  I live alone and have 2 large dogs that need looking after.  I have had to let my sitters go as I (still) can't give them a firm yes or no to the sit.  We have lives to organise.  Grrrr.

we've lost two of our party already

and look set to lose a couple more

the delay - plus the concern about being there at all

i really want to go - but am feeling like i might be being an idiot if i do

ugh... this is supposed to be fun

I'll stand up for the festival here - I do think they have a right to try and put this on - it's their livelihoods and they get one shot every year. the Welsh government have been super slow compred to the english (not saying rightly or wrongly). Green man are trying to make one decision, and once (I'll avoid saying irreversible), whereas we've seen numerous festivals like Black Deer, Boom Village etc have to go back and forth.

I'll give them a pass on the time they're taking personally - as one of the best run festivals around I assume they are making a properly thought through call, rather than have to do that.


no criticism of the organisers from me

what a miserable fucking position for them to be in

our disappointment at not getting our long weekend - vs two years of their lives

i assume they've got to call it one way or the other by next week though

saying it's on seems like a colossal risk to me

with cases - and hospitalisations and deaths - rising at speed, everything could get locked down again easily

at which point, no insurance is calamitous, surely

but i certainly wouldn't want to be the one making the decision

It is a worry,obviously cases will start rising because of opening up but with Wales by Mark Drakeford 2 to 3 weeks behind England with Delta ,when 7th August comes Wales will be opening at the same stage of the third wave as England.I guess everyone in England realises how bad cases are in Manchester but do you know Newtown in Powys is twice as high as Manchester.Paid for my cottage and will go but will be interested to see entry requirements and any changes to indoor tents.Must be really worrying for Fiona and team but I'm sure they will do everything possible to keep things safe and give us the best line up possible in the circumstances.After 18 months locked down being in crowds will be scary and might panic some people including myself.

I wouldn't cricise Fiona and the team one bit. It must have been a nightmare for them and I can fully accept that they must try to get the festival on. I'll be intersted to see what arrangements they intend to put in place if it does go ahead but I can't see me changing my mind. Covid ain't over by a long way. Largely thanks to our government.

We have been incredibly careful throughout this whole situation and done very little for 18 months. We had a false start with both black deer and then got test and traced before Wimbledon that my wife was really excited to have got tickets for so couldn't go, but finally will test how we feel about these things (negative lateral flow tests permitting) at the British Open. Truly don't know how it's going to go!