GM 2021 - Yes, No or Maybe?

Seems ages since I've been on the forum - what's the current thinking on whether GM 2021 will go ahead?

I'm cautiously optimistic but certainly not over-confident and I'm definitely crossing everything!

Stay safe and hopefully be with you in a field in Wales in a few months time.

And surely they should. It's one of the biggest events of its kind in Wales whilst also being relatively moderate in size and well spaced out overall. There's a huge opportunity there 

If it does not go ahead (keeping everything crossed it does) perhaps a forum meet up on the same weekend in a camping field somewhere in the Beacons.

If it does go ahead but only option is camping I think it would be too unberable for me to stay at B&B in Crickhowell and not go! If it’s cancelled we might still have a break in Crickhowel, but if it does go ahead I might look into that Hotel Bell thing they have. 

Kendal Calling has been cancelled this morning. The statement they've released says they applied to be a test event but "another camping festival" was chosen. I'm guessing its Latitude as they seem very confident of going ahead. 

They also don't hold back in their criticism of the government. 

The government are hanging out the festival sector to dry. Just when i thought i couldn't have any more contempt and hatred for this rancid fucking bunch. 

Still, Ascot got to go ahead. And istead of Green Man maybe we could all go to Sandringham and do the weeding for free. 

I think pilot events are restricted to over-18s only which would rule GM out.

On the other issue. Getting working class voters supporting Labour again. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I think there has been a complete partisan dealignment over the past decade or so. Happy to discuss this over a pint or two at Glanusk but fear we'll have to wait until 2022 by which time John Bercow's New New Labour will be riding high in the polls and Dido Harding will be PM.

My gripe is with the government failing to offer insurance cover. Something that's happened elsewhere in Europe. The dept of Culture, Media & Sport have reccomended this but apparently have been overruled by Johnson. 

I totally agree festivals in this country have been shafted,Blossoms was a massive success but changed nothing.As for GM if it meant no u18s and you had to stay on site which would exclude us I would say go ahead,at least lots of people in the industry would earn some much needed money. 

Not sure how i can share but there was a long interview with the organizer of Black Deer Festival on bbc news just now---angry and emotional---felt really sorry for her.


Latitude festival have said after talks with the government they are confident the festival will happen and are announcing the specifics next week.GM have said they are making an announcement in the next week or so----didn't say line up announcement so a bit worrying but I guess they are in consultation with the Welsh government at the moment.

I think Latitude must be the test event Kendal Calling mentioned in their statement. Festival Republic run Latitude and were also responsible for Download last weekend. I bet Reading and Leeds also go ahead. Melvyn Benn must have friends in high places.

I did think that but the article states Latitude will be the first large festival that is not a test event.Mind you he can probably afford to take a bit of a financial hit.Would you still go to GM if you had to camp?

I would but we have settlers tickets and I'm more bothered about having to stay on site the whole time. In many ways I'd rather it was postponed until next year rather than not have the normal GM week. 

Though to be as confident as he seems,test event looks likely.What was annoying Black Deer Festival was that we have been having test events and they caused no problems so why not allow festivals with some additional rules.

Isn't it odd that they have not released the results of the ERP from earlier test events? You would almost think they don't want them released for some reason.  Festival Republic owned by Live Nation aren't they? Can afford to take another hit, unlike most of the indies.

I watched a fair amount of the debate after the Urgent Question this week in parliament on this. MPs from all parties asking that same question (Why haven't the results of test events been released and when are we going to get them, or even an interim report?), and getting the same answer, which was 'We have always only said we would release them before the end of Stage 4 lockdown'.  Quite a lot of anger and disbelief at this bullshit answer, and failure to engage any further with questioners, including on the subject of cancellation insurance. The general feeling seems to be be that the test events haven't shown any particular problems, but that the government didn't want to release any results that might run contra to their messaging that we need to stay locked-down.

It was reported there was only 15 positive cases out of 58,000 people at Blossoms gig,large rave in Liverpool and sporting events so safer than shopping or going to the pub.

Hmmm, not looking good at the moment is it? I've been keeping an eye on the fanticks resales as I didn't manage to snag a ticket, but I've held off for now. My main issue is not knowing the score would be if I got a resale ticket then the festival was cancelled - would I get the rollover option or does that go to the original buyer? If I could guarantee it'd be mine for 2022 I'd snap one up now.


I wouldn't do that unless you know the person or if you can get the original tickets cancelled and new ones emailed to you.I have done that with another festival and GM customer services are helpful.

Thanks, I'll hold on a little longer. I've had a good read through the Fanticks T+C page and their policy for event cancellations seems to be "talk to the seller and sort it out between you".

I imagine any resales will be gone quickly if Green Man announce they are going ahead so I was just trying to beat the rush.

EOTR have been given a £500,000 arts grant which covers their losses if it cannot go ahead which probably means they can hold off cancelling longer,be good if Welsh arts could do something similar for GM.

They've tweeted that over 11s will have to show a negative test, under 11s don't need anything.

Looks like test event rules have changed because for Download and the England test match at Edgbaston under 16s weren't allowed to attend. 

I'm pretty firmly in the "not gonna happen" crew, but the most frustrating thing is that I feel more certain than ever that it could and should happen. If Silverstone can host the Grand Prix with a full house of 140,000, there shouldn't be a question over a much smaller event a month later, should there?

Might need to bring a few things out of enclosed spaces (Chai Wallahs? That dance tent that always looks too exciting for me to venture in?) but the worry has to be the uncertainty for the organisers. We always hear about how it takes a full year to organise, and they're now expected to crush a hugh amount into no more than 8 weeks. If Fiona, Walter and the crew and reading this- sending lots of love and support- if it can't happen this year I think it's safe to say we'll all be there next year.


Absolutely want to echo your last sentence BC and, as I'm writing this, I am conscious of the fact that Fiona has been known to look over Walter's shoulder and read posts here as Walter is moderating! 

The festival has given me and mine such great times, friendships and lifetime memories over the last 10 years and I'm sure many others feel the same. 

If it's not to be this year, (and for foreign patrons like myself it looks even less likely) we will be gutted but also will be aware that it won't be because of a lack of effort and engagement on the part of the Green Man team. 

We will of course gladly hang on to tickets for another year if that is what is proposed. 

Just had an email from EOTR asking for details for track and trace and that tickets would be sent at the end of July---still does not mean it will not be postponed but gives a little glimmer of hope.

Just hoping private conversations are going on with GM but that 3 weeks leaves it very tight-----the next Welsh review is middle of July which seems too late for GM unless private reassurances have been given.

If Wales is to host a test event then Green Man must be the ideal choice. On a related note my Covid Pass that is on the NHS app is only valid in England. With so many people traveling from all over the UK (and beyond) to attend Green Man it could be an issue. 

no decision yet

no doubt most of you have already seen this - but in case not:

To our Green Man family - big thanks for your patience and support. We know how much you want Green Man to happen this year and we’ve been doing all that we can to make it so in this incredibly challenging time.

We’ve had a huge response following the Welsh and UK Government announcements and it is great to see large sports events opening up. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that Green Man can definitely take place too, as this opportunity hasn’t been extended to festivals at the moment.

Successful test events have taken place in Wales and England, but unfortunately we just don’t know when restrictions will be lifted in Wales. We’re also waiting for an update on government-backed festival insurance in the case of a forced Covid cancellation. This would be a crucial lifeline for us and all UK festivals right now.

Frankly, this has been a very difficult time, not just for Green Man, but for the many thousands of amazing festivals that bring people together across the land. We wish them well and hope we can all return to the thing we love best - creating wonderful memories and making people happy.

Your love and enthusiasm for Green Man has been a massive inspiration for all of us during this time and we desperately want GM21 to go ahead too. So many people have been working for months to create a great festival and we really hope that we have a chance to show you what that looks like. Information changes daily so we need a bit more time to digest the latest developments and work out how much longer we can continue preparing for the festival in light of recent news.

We want to thank you, our brilliant audience, plus our crew, suppliers, artists, traders and every wonderful person who is working with us to make GM happen!

We’re hoping to have more news next week.

Big love, GM

Was waiting on the Womad announcement and sadly was what we were expecting.  What Peter Gabriel said seems to sum up the government's attitude to small independent (uk based) festivals.  He could have summed it all up in just one word...'shafted'

standon calling has confirmed that it's happening - in july

massive gamble?  or has the guy who runs it managed to get hold of another bunch of company credit cards?

Gala in the Park, being held in Newport on 7 august and featuring the Welsh Musical Theatre Orchestra (WMTO) has now cancelled due to Covid restriction.

The inconsistency in picking which events can go ahead UK-wide is the thing that's annoying me the most, I think. The Welsh government have been consistently cautious though, to be fair to them. From experience, I'd trust the majority of people at Green Man to be sensible and respectful of any necessary restrictions - a full-house at the football, not so much. I'm pretty much resigned to another year without the festival at this point.

You are right there, bearing in mind the spike in Covid cases in Scotland following the England Scotland game!

also doing the maths on the F1, the cheapest ticket for Sunday is £255, assuming it is sold out that is 140,000 Sales of over £35m.  That is at the low end, most tickets cost much more and there is additional sales for Friday/Saturday (Plus other extras to pursuade people to part with their money). With that much money at stake, the organisers are going to do all they can to ensure the DCMS look favourable on the race going ahead with full capacity (before the official lifting of restrictions).  Small independent festival organisers just do not have that sort of influence.  

but inconsistency?  In Peter Gabriel's view, it was consistent...if it is an event backed by American Billionaires then good chance of going ahead as a test event.

I just hope the Welsh Government are more pragmatic and Fiona is able to have a sensible dialogue with them.

Mikey and Peter Gabriel have got it dead right. Plenty of constituency here. Big money talks the loudest. 

Best chance we have is if a senior cabinet member has a mate who works for Green Man.

I'm thinking that's unlikely.