GM 2021 - Yes, No or Maybe?

Seems ages since I've been on the forum - what's the current thinking on whether GM 2021 will go ahead?

I'm cautiously optimistic but certainly not over-confident and I'm definitely crossing everything!

Stay safe and hopefully be with you in a field in Wales in a few months time.

I am shocked to hear of that cancellation, would have been a week after Womad!  Wonder what the main driving reason for cancelling was.

The Cambridge Folk Festival will not go ahead this year, it has been announced. Ticket holders will be offered a choice of a full refund or rolling their tickets forward to 2022.

“This has been an incredibly difficult decision, and it is not one any of us wanted to make,” said Cllr Anna Smith, Executive Councillor for Communities. “The Festival is an enormous undertaking, bringing together scores of artists, hundreds of staff, and thousands of music lovers from around the country and beyond, which we are not currently able to guarantee can be delivered safely. Our first responsibility must be the well-being of the people we serve – both our festival-goers and our local residents.”

“Despite the government roadmap out of lockdown, a great deal of uncertainty remains over how large-scale summer events would work,” Cllr Smith continued. “We still don’t know whether artists will be able to travel internationally and what steps organisers would be required to take to keep the public safe. With summer and the need to make binding contractual commitments fast approaching, we couldn’t delay a decision any longer. We are all so upset that we can’t have the Festival this summer, but we look forward to being together again in person in 2022.”

It's quite a small site with no leeway for moving any stages around. They really pack people in. I imagine, as it's council run, they are mindful of the impact on council funds if they commit money they cannot get back. The agency that sold tickets for it a few years ago went bust leaving them with an enormous bill, I think that prompted them to bring it back under council control. The uncertainty of international acts attending can't have helped either

Thanks, I caught something about festivals on radio 4 whilst driving a Luton van with tail lift today, good to know what programme it was and how to catch up.

Bearded Theory, rescheduled to September now cancelled. In their statement they said they have to pay deposits by June and that their local authority had received no advice from government on managing large gatherings.

Also, if festivals were working on the assumption there'd be some kind of vaccine passport then that's gonna be a non-starter now. Highly unlikely that under 35s will have had both jabs before August. My daughter's (18 in September) predicted dates were June and August/September, now November and February.

I am in Canada and have tickets that were carried over but it does not seem likely at this time that visitors can come from oversees. I have had my first shot so ahead of the game there. I am willing to carry my tickets over for another year if necessary.  If the festival goes this year, I will probably have to cash in my ticket which i really would prefer not to do. 

I am sure GM would prefer to roll forward for a year rather than do a refund, after all the money stays with them for a second year which will off-set any price increase for 2022.  You have the reassurance of tickets at 2020 price already so would say a win win situation.

suggest you contact GM direct as they have always seemed very helpful on these matters.

BBC website says Boomtown cancelled over covid insurance row - not looking as hopeful as it was

Just booked a campervam pitch on a nice-looking campsite on the river a couple of miles out of Hay, for August 19-23.

The cost is refundable, but I don't see me triggering that.

It's the hope that'll kill you. I've packed mine away in a deep deep hole now

Sun’s shining and we could all do with an injection of optimism. This line from an interview with Mark Drakeford yesterday caught my eye. 

So providing the pilots go well, cases stay low and you win the election, the middle of June wouldn't be an unthinkable date for events like festivals restarting?

I think that is a fair way of putting it. It's not unthinkable.


I know Wales has a different route out of Lockdown than England but Boris Johnson seems to be more reluctant than he was a couple of months ago to commit to the lifting of social distancing on June 21st. 

Though Welsh Government has given green light to music returning to live settings with caveats this doesn't yet permit Green Man to go ahead. I think their next three weekly end of next week might be D-Day for a decision. June 25 will be too late in the day. 

Interesting that they've stated (last week) they'll announce the lineup in 'around a month'. That would tie in with the next Welsh Gov announcement date. Perhaps this is the final date for a decision? They haven't been quick to respond to yesterday's announcement, one way or the other. 

Manic Street Preachers' big gigs at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena have been moved from the end of July to September due to the uncertainty as to whether they could go ahead in the summer. 

kind of screws the people staying off-site too

(like us!)

and the B&Bs in crick and llangattock where they stay

i wonder if this is for sure...

Same interview was on 5live earlier this week. That was the only thing that stood out, I immediately thought of you and BPH, cannot see how that would work especially for Settlers as mentioned above

Sure it might not work for me for the settlers week, but give me that option over no green man for another year every day of the week. Whatever they can put on is good with me, I'll be there.

This will sound over the top, but Green Man really changed my life when I started going many years ago, and the way I felt last year when it wasn't on was just completely different to any other festival that we had tickets for. If they can make something work, we'll be supporting it.

Thanks Smithers,yeah it would not work for me,but I understand if that's how they need to proceed.Its just a shame that the pubs and shops would not get the boost they need.

Thanks Smithers,yeah it would not work for me,but I understand if that's how they need to proceed.Its just a shame that the pubs and shops would not get the boost they need.Need the Welsh government to make GM a trial event.