An Update on GM21

Hello forum folk!

Firstly, a massive thanks to all you for your patience in these times - requests for tickets have been coming in thick and fast and we know you’re eager to hear news. 

Your support for Green Man has meant a great deal to us and we don’t want to let you down, but things are still uncertain right now and there’s a way to go before we’ll know the Welsh Government’s decision on whether events will go ahead this summer, or if festivals will be viable. But with the monumental effort of the NHS vaccine rollout, test events taking place and our flexibility to adapt and adjust quickly, we’re hopeful that we can make it happen in August.      

Our 2020 tickets had sold out, so we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be releasing the remaining refunded tickets this Thursday 6th May at 10am - set those calendars!

Keep your peepers peeled for the line-up in the next few months as we’re still busy working away on this. We’ll keep you posted with any updates as and when they come through; check out our FAQs in the meantime >

Woof woof,  

Big love from Walter, Doris (the new Jack Russell and part-time forum helper), and the Green Man Team x 

Sold out of adult tickets.

Anybody wishing to sell any please let me know... my mates are desperate to come. 


it said on the site that you can buy up to 20 tickets....if so, that might explain why they sold out so quickly and means some touts will be making a lot of ££ in August 

or they'll be completely fucked if it gets cancelled

which would be the only silver-lining to that otherwise miserable scenario

At 11am you could buy two tickets on there for £955.

Cunts (we're still allowed to use that @Ray word, right?)

btw, i see that EOTR have announced their line up

they're obviously feeling a bit more confident, being those two weeks later

don't envy anyone in the festival business at the moment

Almost bit on a Facebook scammer... will keep the faith on the Official Resale Channels (tm)

I've got my own ticket but most of my mates short-sightedly refunded last year, I told them this would happen

I got into the queue at 10 past 10 and managed to buy a ticket just after half past. It sold out a couple of minutes later.  

Cunt is acceptable nomenclature in these circumstances

Sorry you were unable to pick up tickets, berthasdad, hopefully there will be options on Twickets nearer the time.

My mates managed to pick up tickets after being held in a queue for about 25 minutes... all the adult tickets appeared to be sold out and then suddenly they reappeared as an option to buy.

It's a bizarre process every year... why should this year be any different?  

Forking gutted to hear that tickets miraculously reappeared. Great news for your mates, however. We were at home, trying to buy for our friends who were hard at work, educating the nations youth....ah well, I'll send them plenty of piccies. 

they can have my camping pitch in hay on wye. Doesn't look like I'll be needing it!

Stuart from Mogwai retweeted the Green Man account announcing when tickets were on sale - would seem to be a hint. I'll be hunting around for tickets closer to the time too after missing out.

Allah Las playing Boardmasters the weekend before GM so must be strong possibility.

I suspect it's a pencilled in date rather than confirmation it's going ahead. They must have most of the lineup in place if it is to go ahead.