How was it for you 2020?

Well, the Pictish Trail set was excellent wasn't it? I love Johnny.

This will raise hackles in certain quarters but I really don't get Self Esteem at all.

Or Eels really.

I'm not a huge FJM fan either but the guy does put on a show. The highs were good.

As were the pizzas from our vilage pub, washed down with lovely Growler.

Listened to the first two-thirds of Adam's show on BBC Wales (now there is another lovely fella). Shame that Duski didn't win the Rising thing. I've got both their albums and love them - kinda jazzy, dreamy, proggy in parts. Hope they get an evening slot on the rising stage, it will be lovely.

No problems with gig talkers, at least not during Johnny Pictish. Didn't mind the kids chatting through the rest of it.

Weather was crap though.


Our local lockdown made it a much quieter night than planned.

pictish? Lovely fella, some good tunes, definitely some less so

self esteem? Don't know what to make of that. Repulsed and attracted in almost equal measure, but prob more in the repulsed camp

Eeis? Not for me. But I knew that

FJM? Ditto but he is clearly a top performer 

Burning and fireworks? Rubbish 

titanic plum porter? 10/10, as always. 

weather was so pants that even pissed-up I didn't think camping was a good idea. But sleeping in the spare room felt a bit out of the ordinary so that was nice....

And penarthsounds was nice enough to wake up to Sunday 

I've just booked a trip to crickhowell in Oct - that addiction will be fed one way or another 

Loved Johnny and Ells, missed Stella unfortunately.

Just spent 4 nights at Glanusk Campsite from Sunday, right up at the far end of the estate near Tower wood. Strolled around the site, Walled Garden, Courtyard, all very empty..... Storm Francis on Tuesday was testing in a tent but came through unscathed. Popped into Crickhowell to spend some money in Latte Da, Cashells etc. Hoped to swim in the Usk but it was a raging torrent, never seen it so high at this time of year. Bridge End I nn still closed but work going on by the look of it.