Camping Newbie Question

Hi all,

First GM for us. Can you tell me if the Quiet area is actiually quiet or where's the best place to camp to get some shut eye at the end of a damp music and beer filled day?


The Quiet Area is aptly the quietest spot in the area, but obviously still gets the sound bleed from 'The Late Night Disco' (see separate thread) but in terms of like minded people trying to keep it down, that's the one to go for.

Even in the non-quiet areas you rarely get much more than chatter after about midnight- worst I've had in 8ish Green Mans was being next to a group of (not at all unpleasant) teenagers who came back and chatted till about 6am. If you don't want to risk that (or if you may need an early night), the Quiet area is for you!

I generally get the impression that more of the big rowdy groups camp closer to the entrance, so I always head down to the bottom end of the campsite.

Thanks guys. We're bringing our 10yr old so a decent nights kip so we can keep him entertained in the days is essential. ;-)

So is the entrance by the box office near the orange car park? Also, when you say you head down to the bottom of the campsite you mean the general one or the quiet one?  

The entrance is near to the box office near the Orange car park- yes.

After the box office, follow the crowds through general camping and Quiet Camping is at the end of general camping, that's right isn't it ?


We did 'Quiet' camping last year - it's the first bit on the left when you come in from the Orange car park. Yes, the people around us were well behaved and quiet, but you get the noise from the After Dark sessions as it's one of the closest bits to the stages. It also got quite crowded being the first bit of camping you come to. This year we're lucky enough to have a Blue parking ticket and will be going right to the far end, so if you are feeling fit I would suggest keep on going towards Settlers.

Just to clarify as it occurs to me that the above might be confusing- the quiet camping used to be at the bottom end of the campsite, near where the settlers and family camping is (off the page to the right of where the Tangerine Fields is marked). Last year, a new bit of quiet camping appeared where it is marked on the map- before the tangerine fields. 

So there's official quiet camping where people don't party late but it's closer to the stages etc, and there's the bit that Tracy mentioned that may or may not be marked as quiet (think it's marked "family") which I agree with her may well actually be quieter. I'm usually down that way somewhere too as I camp on my own and have no need to make any noise :) 

So we found the quiet camping, by the Choose Love gold landy and along a bit at the back by the water station. As others have said, definitely not quiet but we had a good time so thanks for all your help.