Weather 2019

Normal service resumed today!



Metcheck shmetcheck.

The only person to take heed of is the Sage of Merthyr (cyfarthfa - who is far too busy to hang aroud on here)

That said, the Met Office are talking about a period of unsettled weather for much of August. Let's face it we've been spoilt rotten the last couple of years ain't we?

Yeah, it was a bit Green Manny weatherwise wasn't it. Tents all dried out by monday evening though.

Don't start telling everyone on here - we'll be struggling to get tickets for next year's bash.

BBC site now goes up to Green Man weekend and shows a typical Green Man mixture of showers, clouds and light rain from Settlers Monday for a whole week. Great!

Accuweather is slightly more optimistic (see above with a few spells of sunshine). Metcheck say similar with the addition of a possible monsoon on the Friday evening.

I predict that there will be weather. Lots of it. Bloody everywhere, it will be. Look at it. Watch it! It's gonna move! There it goes! Inclement bundle of arse. 

Lightweights. One of my favourite memories of previous years is Jon Doran giving a severe weather announcement from the main stage.

Love the comments on BBC website about the cancellation of Boardmasters.

'Kristina Powell said she had not been able to sleep for shock after learning that the festival was cancelled'

'One teenager who spent about £450 said he was "never coming to Cornwall again".'

I wonder when they made the decision to cancel if they took into account how dangerous it would be for thousands of young people stranded in  the middle of a storm. Surely its a lesser of evils for the event to go ahead so there is some sort of supervision/emergency service support. Suspect its not for peoples welfare but because of fear of getting sued. 


About 3 or 4 years ago there was a warning given from the main stage to tie down any loose items around our tents due to high winds. (That must be the same warning that you remember Smithers)

The pitch next to us had their gazebo blown clean away.

The next morning Fiona (with Walter of course) was driving around the campsite in a quadbike checking that people were all ok. 

I've never experienced that level of being bothered about the ordinary punters from any other festival. It's one of the reasons why we keep coming back. 

Worth looking at the Green Man event management plan from 2018, which sets out how GM deal with emergencies and incidents.

My main reaction is "wow, even more work goes into this than I'd imagined" but the adverse weather plan is on page 20-21. Basically, if there's a weather warning from the Met office that states danger to the public the festival closes. If the wind goes over 30mph they stop the show and 40mph they evacuate the entertainment area. Winds in Newquay this weekend are expected to reach 52mph. I reckon GM would also have been cancelled on that forecast.

FWIW, 40mph wind is forecast at Crickhowell this weekend so if GM was a week earlier we could have been in trouble, but forecast is to be pretty calm all week after that.


What strikes me about Boardmasters is that they may have good reason to cancel the event but then, for all the youngsters who have made their way to Cornwall, the attitude is ’f off, we don’t want you here’ and are doing nothing to help them out.  The surfing is still going ahead, other campsites are open but full up but the boardmasters camp site is closed leaving nowhere else to other than wait for transport home.

Friday night and I've just driven from Falmouth to South Devon and can fully understand why Boardmasters was called off. It's right bloody windy.


Mad weather here too although thankfully it's forecast to calm down before our sailing on Monday morning. 


Thanks Carnie, our man on the ground.

Bit of rain today.

Not sure Mr Ray Knows but I live on a Welsh peninsula so I’m aware of micro climates obvs.

Dry now though.

After a weekend of heavy rain and sticky mud at Blue Dot Festival,the tent has been binned and all future festivals will be cottages or hotels---had agreat weekend but cannot face another wet muddy campsite==probably just aging bones but i need a shower and comfy bed after a days festivaling nowadays.

Did you find alternative accommodation in Crickhowell this late in the day? Thought that would all have been fully booked months ago. 

We stay in the same cottage each year,its other festivals that have no nearby accomodation where we have been camping--if we decide to go to one of them again we will glamp though the cost of glamping has become very expensive.

Ah, I see. The fact Crickhowell is within walking distance is a huge bonus for me, as apart from first two or three years we’ve always stayed at the same B&B. 

You coulkd try a folding camper bph .. much more comfortable then a tent but wouldn't restrict your choice of festivals.

Or a small campervan .. could be useful for overnight jaunts to gigs in Cardiff/Bristol etc.

My car is coming to the end of its life and we are considering a small campervan next,Shropshire,Herefordshire,Radnorshire are beautiful but ghost counties for gigs so it's always hours of driving and hotels.Will have to try gigs in Bristol/Cardiff--its just we feel comfortable in venues in Manchester we have gone to all our lives and maybe a little self conscious of trying new venues in new cities and being the only old fogies in a room of students.

I go to a lot of gigs in Bristol (not at the O2, the sound is awful... although I'm told it has improved), often on my own and have never felt self concious.

Then again, I might just be totally oblivious :D

Most Bristol/Cardiff venues are very friendly and inclusive - you certainly won't have any issues. It's the old fogies keeping the venues alive these days anyway, the students can't afford to go out, or to buy any beer if they do.


Thanks for that,many bands I want to see this autumn.Will have a look today if I can book a few with dates close together and do a mini break.

i go to most gigs on my tod

usually a couple a week

and i'm an old fogie (of 51)

so fear not!

as peridot say, it's us old farts keeping these places open

we certainly spend more at the bar anyway!

For anyone putting their tent up on thursday it looks dry at least. Its no fun queueing for wrist-bands when its shitting it down. After that we will see. 

Don't believe any weather forecast. Yesterday was supposed to be dry with sunny spells. It shitted it down at 6ish. Today is ok thus far....but I expect some weather any time now.

Waterproof trousers, waterproof jacket with a peaked hood and waterproof boots and I'll stand in the rain quite happily. I made the mistake of bringing a packaway type jacket once as the forecast was only for showers and got arsed with the rain in my face after about 5 minutes - put a cap on which just wicked the water straight down the back of my neck. Lesson learned.

Aye, the only clothing that is designed for being in the rain for hours and trampling around in mud is basically walking gear. Waterproof boots, waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers. All fastened up and everything will drip off you and any mud will clean straight off. Can just about understand wellies, but I've never found a pair that didn't feel really uncomfortable after a bit of slogging about.

The only thing I've not mastered has been keeping stuff in my bag dry. Putting everything in plastic bags doesn't seem to work for some reason. If it's going to be raining all day I'll probably just stick a bottle of water and an emergency torch in the pocket of my waterproof jacket and go bagless. 

I actually had a cheap pair of Regatta wellies that were really comfortable. The calf bits were quite narrow so they didn't slap about and they had a thick footbed. Only problem was the 'rubber' they were made from was pretty rubbish and they cracked anywhere they creased. They lasted for a few festivals as I repaired them as much as possible using Seamgrip but had to chuck them away eventually. I've not seen the same pair since so just stuck to boots with a cheap pair of gaiters.

As for keeping a bag dry i have them same problem, even with a rain cover. I think the water must wick down the shoulder straps. I've got a dry bag so might pop that inside.


a waterproof backpack was the holy grail for me for many years

and mrs rad finally found me one - which has been a major boon at all GMs since

it's not so much the rain coming down - as being able to put the bag on the ground without water seaping up into it

it is essentially a dry bag with backpack straps - and as it's the seams that stop bags being waterproof, it doesn't have individual compartments inside like a regular backpack

so it does have that disadvantage of being impossible to find anything in it

but still better than discovering that the extra shirt supposed to keep you warm in the evening has become a dishrag

if anyone's actually read this far (and this may be the most boring post i've ever written...), here's a link:

Absolutely pissing down here and likely to continue most of the day. More forecast for Friday. Come prepared! You won’t need a mallet for your tent pegs.

Friday looks grim whatever clothing your wearing but at least the forecast is showing the other three days to be dry.I guess the forecast is why there were lots of tickets on twickets yesterday.