Good Morning,

1 week to go!! :)

It's my son's 10th birthday on the Sunday and was wondering if anyone knew if any of the food stall sold/made cakes?


Try the stalls including the red bus around the literature/comedy tent.

I'm sure if you had a word with the stall holders a day or so beforehand they'd save and sell you a whole cake on the Sunday.

There are some lovely bakeries in Crickhowell too.

Thank you.

We came 2 years ago but i couldn't remember any cake stalls, hopefully we can find something or if not a stroll into Crickhowell might be a good idea.

This would be my suggestion. They are lovely, make nice cakes, and will prob be about half the price or anywhere else.

The other places do make lovely cakes, but if you're looking for a whole cake they may be a bit pricey.

As Elizabeth says, there are a few places in Babbling Tongues area.  One in particular does incredible cakes (forget the name, but they were facing Talking Shop last year).  Probably the best brownies I've ever had.  They'd definitely sort you out with something and their variety was impressive.

Failing that, Askews in Crickhowell are pretty good and would take an order I'm sure.