Big Thief

In case you aren't aware of how bloody good Big thief are, this is how bloody good.


there's one song on the album where it grates with me but otherwise I'm OK with it. Not in the same class of annoying voices as La Newsom.


New album out today and it's tasty! 


So much coming out right now, i'm goona be skint.

Most excited by the new Richard Dawson which I'll be picking up from my friendly record shop, Left for Dead next week.

Also new Jeff Lewis, Alasdair Roberts and (woo-hoo) Bonnie Billy!

All of which have the potential of being album of the year (currently Joan Shelley)

Got a feeling RD is gonna be unbeatable though.

The Richard Dawson one is really special. The subject matter gives it real depth. The last song about rough sleeping is a brilliant example. 

The new Moon Duo one has grown on me favourably too- would be good to see them back at GM next year. 

For what it's worth, Big Thief don't do a lot for me but also kinda see the attraction.