Broken Social Scene?

Just doing a scan of act pages on the GM website and noticed that Broken Social Scene have been removed. But there's still a full tour listed on their band website and no mention of cancellations on twitter.

Not that bothered about them myself, but wondering.... 


They been cancelled, then? I see the link to tickets in Sheffield on the Thursday is dead too. 

Could be an interesting bit of line-up shuffling. Who'll be this year's Wedding Present? Or I guess they could shuffle somebody (Stealing Sheep might work) onto the Mountain Stage and put a good local act into the Walled Garden.

If they have pulled out then Green Man should ask Nadine Shah to step in. She's somehow never played GM, has no more festival commitments this year and would be perfect for that slot. 

Disappointed about BSS, I was looking forward to seeing them but Nadine Shah would more than make up for it.

It's ridiculous that she hasn't ever played GM.

Have to say they did nowt for me anyway. Let's face it, the obvious replacement is the Wave Pictures. Or some iteration of Field Music. Or Lavinia Blackwall who should be bloody playing anyway! Or HGM obvs.

I like wave pictures, and have seen them do some good sets, but as a late fill in at eotr last year they were pretty crap. I don't know whether they hadn't played for a while maybe, but it wasn't good at all. 

And so you should Mr K.

The OAP one must have been either drunk or hungover, or is just generally senile.

I can report that Wave Pictures were one of the highlights of last year's EOTR, both for me, and some of my companions previously less familiar with their works.

The only gripe I had was that they were unfamiliar with the equally excellent Damien Jurado, whose absence had provided them with the opportunity to play. I'm sure they'll have put that right by now and will be featuring some Jurado covers when I next see them.


Wave Pictures certainly weren't rubbish when I saw them in Manchester in February - best gig I've been to this year so far.

It is worth noting that it was Sunday, so I was tired, it was baking hot, and I wanted some shade so went and watched some comedy. Anyone was probably going to struggle to retain my attention, but the boys failed to do so nevertheless.


I really enjoyed their main stage set at GM in 2017 (I think it was 2017?).

The Wave Pictures are the best band in the world. Fact. And they are always brilliant live in any of their many guises (Lobster Boat Band, with Stanley Brinks, Surfing Magazines etc)

They're off the website and have disappeared from the official playlist, plus their show at the Leadmill the night before has also disappeared from the venue website. A few people have tweeted GM asking what's happening. Sounds like they've pulled out but there's a reason why that can't be announced yet.

Also see that the replacement for Meic Stevens (it's Adwaith isn't it?) hasn't been announced yet, so I'd expect an email about it at some point like they did with the late replacements last year. Is there anything non-musical still to announce along with it? Science tent lineup, maybe?

Fat White Famil instead of Broken Social Scene?

Thank you very much!


Does make Friday up to 8pm one giant mess of bands I want to see though, going to be some tough choices. Bit annoying as after 8pm I'm not bowled over with choice!