Steve Mason

Hi all!

It looks as if I may have been foolishly overlooking Steve Mason in this year’s preparation. I have been reading some previous threads and it would appear that his prior performance in the Far Out (2013 I think) is held in very high regard.

So have i been foolish? Will you be watching? Do you like the new album? Where should I start?

I have been making a Spotify playlist my three favourite songs of each artist (in some cases I don’t have three) and at the moment I have Am I Just Man?, Lie Awake and Seen it All Before which I have been enjoying but I hadn’t put him down as a must see - anyone got any favourite songs of his that I should check out? 


One month to go! 

He's not exactly prolific is he? I like the Boys Outside and Monkey Minds albums but not keen on the new one. Lost and Found and Understand my Heart are two of his best i reckon. And he usually includes an old Beta Band song in his set like Dry the Rain. His 2013 set was memorable larely because he went off on an excellent rant abnout Cameron and the Tories

Yes someone posted that a few years ago and that’s what led to me starting the thread! Looks great! And know I know that’s actually a Beta Band song - love it! Will be there for sure this year. 

It's Steve Mason, he'll be great.

I've recommended a track from each of his albums.

Boys Outside (Boys Outside)

A Lot Of Love (Monkey's Mind In The Devil's Time)

Another Day (Meet The Humans)


Rocket(About The Light)

He also forms part of a potentially fab trio of Far Out acts, sandwiched between Gwenno and Khruangbin with, for me, no significant clashes.

That is a really good run but I’m also very keen on BSS and Squid so that’s a potential 3 way clash. Then with Khruangbin it looks like there will be at least some overlap with Yo La Tengo, BRJ and Just Mustard so that’s another logistical nightmare! 

Just for shits & is Meic Stevens (rightly, i might add!) dropped from the line up for racism, but Mr Mason is on even though he did do that sexist tweet earlier in the year?

Was the tweet sexist?

I thought he was just questioning whether Sophie Ellis Bextor was a worthy presenter, or am i mistaken?

Think the point made against him was that women in that position get questionned a lot more than men do.

In answer to the comparison with Meic Stevens. These sorts of comparisons are usually unhelpful, but I think you can say that Mason's sexism was probably subconscious, but Stevens' was a lot more clear in intent.

outside of the beta band, i just don't get the appeal at all

but if you're inexplicably not having a party with stealing sheep, he will, at least, be better than villagers

See you down the front for Stealing Sheep. Saw them not so long ago and great fun it was too. Not something you’re likely to get with Steve Mason or Villagers from my experience.