Tickets posted out this week or next week

Hello everyone

From memory I think tickets are posted out second week of July? Does anyone have an idea whether it might be this week or next week?

About to shoot off in holiday hence the question 

Not long now!



Just checked Ticketline doesn’t say anything on account. If people would mind posting if they do get them this week it would be appreciated muchly!

Know the feeling Elizabeth I’ve just been downstairs to check my porch again this morning! Perhaps a card from the postie will be waiting for me

when I get home

flap all here in london

but they always seem to arrive a couple of days later in the smoke

there's probably some tariff, or something, to enter our cultural wonderland of joy

Just had mine delivered.

Although I wish I had booked settlers.

To soften the blow I have booked a cottage on Bridge Street from the Saturday to the Tuesday before to soak up the atmosphere and have a few beers in the Bridge and Bear.

I’ll post some early teasers from Crug Hywel.

See y’all there!

So tickets arrived today but just the settlers pass upgrade ticket and settlement car park ticket. Ordered earlybird plus blue car park tickets in September. I was under the impression I’d need the early bird too though I might be wrong. Have PM’d GM in messenger to query before phoning Ticketline if needed

Trip to the post office in morning for me to find out what delivery I missed this afternoon. I think it can only be one thing though. 

Early bird tickets arrived today, second class post. Cheaky to charge £6.00 for the privilege.

A Later ticket order had arrived on Saturday.

Friends still waiting for theirs to be dispatched

Picked mine up from the sorting office this morning! Let the almost obsessive checking of the weather forecasts begin (even though after 10 Green Man's I know it's completely futile)