third announcement

was 25th april last year

so tomorrow then?

(i see from the etesticles list that the big moon and black belt eagle scout have been added since last time - but that can't be it, surely?)

Hey Ray.

I hear that a cupboard in the Ecuadorian Embassy has recently become available. 

it wouldn't work

i'd just drive everyone mad

and then they'd extradite me to america because we have a spineless cunt as home secretary


sorry - that just slipped out

like all those sensitive documents

wait, no, i mean...

oh shit

 mixed feelings, good to see Villagers return and other new names announced but the day splits are bringing many clashes.  Is it really asking too much to say I want to everyone (except Idles)

they've put mapache in the cunting tent...

great about the walled garden on thursday though

hard to see what the big delay was

yo la tengo promoted to friday headliner

what were we waiting for exactly?

hey ho

what do i know

having re-read jo bartlett's blog about organising the first three GMs recently, and the nervous breakdowns they each very nearly prompted, i can only imagine the logistical cauchemar that planning something the size of GM is now

there must have been a reason

and it was surely a reasonable one!

so - other than mapache being in the cunting tent - i am essentially a happy man

Saturday looks a bit of mare for me. Great news on Garden on Thursday although there's more clashs there too .Very happy with the addition of These New Puritans


that poster confused me

thought the middle column was the tent

shouldn’t fri / sat / sun be down the left hand side then?


that poster confused me

thought the middle column was the tent

shouldn’t fri / sat / sun be down the left hand side then?


Potential HubbyMoff/ Big Thief clash jumping out at me. 




Splitting the Thursday night crowd is great and long overdue. Sunday for me is Eels - Sharon - Idles. Three of my must sees ending then festival. That's going to be a test of endurance after a week's camping! 

It is a great finish to the weekend but clearly Idles are going to have a massive crowd so I hope they don't have the firework fencing near the Far Out again otherwise there could be big problems.Just watching SVE at Glastonbury---she was not on my list but maybe is now--impressive performance.Watchen Eels countless times and I thought the gig last year was the best they have been for many years.

Main reaction is that there are a lot of pretty big acts on in the Walled Garden. And that looks very clashy. And I'm surprised it's not Stereolab in the tent and Richard Thompson on the Mountain Stage. And yay for These New Puritans, and yay for Snapped Ankles coming back to do late night fun- none of the other new additions bowl me over, but it was already a great lineup with 20ish acts I really want to see and likely another 5 or 6 to discover before the weekend.

Finally, I'd like some of what some of the bands on the Rising Stage had been taking when they decided what to call themselves. 

The more I look at that day split, the more you have to say they've done a great job this year.  On the face of it, didn't smack me as mindblowing, but then spend some time (as they clearly have) and...I'm seeing clashes absolutely everywhere!  Saturday is looking a particular 'mare!  And I could happily have large stretches plonked at almost every stage over the weekend - can't remember the last year I could say that.  Not seeing any opportunities for my customary return-to-tent-for-an-hour-supply-replenishment-and-gear-change.

Agree with comment about Richard Thompson.  Thought he'd be shoo-in for the Mountain late afternoon/early evening, but Far Out makes sense and sound will be incredible.  Also liking that expanded Thursday to include Walled Garden.

Damn, some serious planning to be done.  Super excited.  Well done Walter and team.  That's all shaped up very nicely indeed!

Very happy with those splits at first glance. Only disappointment is the Friday headline slot, as I'm not too fussed by any of the options. I'll just hold out for Snapped Ankled I guess!

There is a lot of talk at the other place that Yo La Tengo were pretty dire as headliners at EoTR last year.  I wonder if there was another big name planned with YLT scheduled lower down the lineup.  

YLT have been on the lineup for ages and nowhere near top billing so it is probably safe to say they weren’t intended to headline the Friday night. I would think it‘s pretty certain that they lost a headliner. 

Orrrr maybe they saw they were going to sell out and are holding onto the pennies for a bigger name they know to be about next year...

The conspiracy doomsday theory would be they didn’t need a headliner anymore once they knew it would be sold out and went down the maximise profits for a sale route By avoiding one of the bigger outlays.

not sure about that final scenario (and i know you're not saying that you've made up your mind that it's true!)

it'd be far easier to save money by cutting some of the non-music stuff

none of which i seem to ever manage to get involved with

but all of which i'm always appreciative is there

GM never feels like a penny-pinching operation

there are definitely cheaper ways to run a festival than the incredibly broad range of options available at GM

Very true - and as you say no sign of penny pinching elsewhere (I assume there is a cost to opening the walled garden on Thursday night for example) 

Damn fine lineup up for me regardless of headliners.  

Not sure where I will be on the Thursday, the garden will be good but Amadou and Mariam are amazing.  It might come down to which is most convenient for the Courtyard Bar, make the most of the different Porters before they sell out over the weekend.

All looks good to me and the Thursday evening split is another example of the festival organisers learning from previous years and listening to us. Why it's such a great festival. Any road I'll be in the Walled Garden all Thursday evening.

Just the one gripe. Richard Thompson in the tent?!


Oh and do not forget there are three stages on the Thursday as Chai Wallahs will also be up and running (Great, if only to get my late night cup of brandy chai which I wait all year for).

hmm, now I've had a longer look . . .

Durand Jones/Beths clash on Friday

Lee Fields/Tiny Ruins clash Saturday (sorry Lee)

Big Thief/Richard Thompson clash Saturday - now that's the shocker but it's got to be the guvnor

Ezra Collective/James Yorkston on Sunday - obviously JY


I haven't realy got BR-M and whilst I've liked Steve Mason in the past, the stuff I've heard of his most recent album sounds really dull. I was convobced one track 6 Music played to death was actually one of the Gallaghers!

Agree about the last album but Steve Mason is still a good performanc.  Just wont be anywhere near the incredible and memorable show he gave us last time he came to green man and played the far out tent.

Shame about the cross over between stereo lab and car seat headrest 

And again with SVE and growlers.

Going to be alot of running aroind

if that clashfinder is accurate - and we know how often that turns out not to be the case - i am, for once, looking pretty clash free

thursday looks like audiobooks > alex rex > ? > johnny pictish

friday's my weakest day - but prob durand jones > anna st louis > ? > squid > stealing sheep > BRJ > YLT > snapped ankles (if i can stay awake)

sat: modern nature > mapache > stella donnelly > ? > kokoko! > richard thompson > stereolab > four tet

sun: gwenifer raymond > ? > limiñanas > white fence or hand habits > SVE > nilüfer yanya

all to be adjusted according to drunkenness / tiredness / research

Might see you at one or two of those mr ray

I'm looking at:

Thursday: Callum Easter > Alex Rex > TNP > Johnny P

Friday: Mamas Broke > Durand Jones > Julia Jacklin > Whitney > Gwenno > Stealing Sheep > Khruangbin

Saturday: Modern Nature > Hen Ogledd > snooze > Tiny Ruins > maybe the end of Lee Fields > Richard Thompson . Stereolab

Sunday: Gwenifer Raymond > Say Sue Me > snooze/eat/shop > Aldous Harding > Hand Habits > JY > Nilufer Yanya > fireworks and bed.

Got some big empty gaps and some horrible clashes so hoping it's inaccurate.

There's no way the clashfinder is accurate- especially not with night stuff. 

On Saturday, surely it would make more sense to have:

Mountain: Richard Thompson- Big Thief - Four Tet

Far Out: Kokoko!- Carseat Headrest- Stereolab (with an early-ish finish so that there's not that much of a Stereolab- Four Tet clash)

As a big fan of Yo La Tengo I'm delighted we're getting a headline set from them- they're exactly the sort of band who'll use the extra time to dig out a few rarely heard classics and quirky covers that you just wouldn't get in a 45 minute set- too often headline bands seem short of material (I didn't see Ben Howard, but would love to know how he filled a full set as an artist with only one album released at the time). But on the other hand they're probably not going to be favourites of the neutrals.

Yeah the clashfinders helpful but its usually only about 75% right

Also its taken 3 weeks but GM finally let me make an account to contribute to the forum 



Everyone on here is lovely.

'Specially mr ray

Glad I can finally be part of it. Been going for 7 years and still the best festival I've ever been too. Can't wait to become best friends with ray ;)

I'll find him haha. Jokes aside its nice know all you Guys on the forum are so friendly, some festivals forum can be rela a holes but all you guys seem nice, even ray ;)