third announcement

was 25th april last year

so tomorrow then?

(i see from the etesticles list that the big moon and black belt eagle scout have been added since last time - but that can't be it, surely?)

Somebody has asked on Twitter if there's more headliners to be announced and GM just replied "More acts announced very soon"

So neither confirming nor denying there's another headliner to be named.

I don’t recall seeing them listed yet but today’s guardian article, 10 best festivals, included Green Man and showed Khruangbin in the  line up of who to look out for.

third announcement must be coming soon.

It looks like tickets are nearly sold out, so I suppose there's no urgency to push ticket sales.

Congratulations, Walter, good boy.


This third announcement, that is "very soon", any hints as to when this might be? And will it include day splits? You know that you want to tell us really. We won't tell a soul.

Third announcement is obviously playing on my mind.

Dreamt last night that I was waiting for the music to start on the Settlement stage.

Went to get a drink from the bar and a familiar voice drifts over from the stage.

Joni Mitchell.

So there you go.

Wow, you had a premonition that Joni Mitchell is being booked to act as compère on the settlement stage.  did you manage to hear the name of the act she was introducing?

Quite, ray.

Not sure she qualifies for the Settlement.

It must be she's going to be announced as the heritage act then.


settlement announcement coming on friday:

still no sign of a general third announcement though

speculation over on efestivals is that the delay is down to the fact that they haven't yet booked a third headliner

though, of course, could be simply that they have to wait for an act to play an already confirmed show before they can announce them

Also some speculation on efests that it could be a APE act for a day that hasn't sold out yet, and therefore GM can't announce yet.  Christine & The Queens suggested (and poo-pooed).  Logic of it sort of makes sense, so would Bon Iver or any of the other APE headliners be a possibility?

could it be someong who are sub headliners? I noticed Raconteurs are in 6 music on friday. OR...Interpol? Mac De MArco? Bloody Ezra?!?

i was wondering about ezra

new album announced today

and a very punk rock new single to trail it

not sure he's big enough to headline though, is he?

plus he has deer shed first, as well as APE

certainly the only person i'd be interested in amongst the four you list

I'd be ecstatic if it were Ezra but I'm also thinking maybe not quite big enough to headline... but then just as big as Future Islands and King Gizzard were at the time?  Maybe?   

he's headlining deer shed

but then so are anna calvi and rolling black-ops scarlet fever

he could probably just about swing it if GM were his only show of the summer

which i'm assuming was the case with king gizzard and the i need a wee and i'm very emotional about it man

but harder to pull off if it's just one festival among many

Sadly I think you are right Ray, but the campaign for next year starts here. Jeremy and Jarvis from Woods are in the band I think or at least play on the upcoming album.

they are indeed

and thankfully have not brought with them the fruits of woods' bizarre swerve away from the perfection of 'with light and with love' into the depressing cod reggae / jazz of their last two records

The 'other' place might be putting 2 and 2 together, and making 37.But.....they make a good case of SK being the third headliner. I personally would be so fricking happy if it was. Because..... I love them. And always will.


So...... Crap oberst side project it is.... 

sleater kinney are great

but to headline?

that would be a big empty field on the scale of the donovan debacle, i think

The soon to be legendary Lisa O'Neill is playing Stendhal festival sometime over Green Man weekend. 

It's only a wee drive and a bit of a ferry from Crickhowell. 


new fionn regan album out aug 9th

he'd be very welcome back to GM

(though hopefully to play more than the 30 mins of his 45 min slot that he managed in 2017)

I guess now it's sold out they're not under any pressure to make the third announcement. Mercury Rev were announced in the middle of May the year they headlined which I think is the latest I've known until now. 

suspect once APE’s over, after this weekend, we’ll get the last tranche

there are a bunch of folks playing on the sunday that i’d dearly love to see added to GM - phosphorescent; tallest man on earth; ezra; ry x 

in lieu of the elusive third announcement, i can confirm that alex rex are playing on the thursday

which means that at least one of my must sees won't clash with anyone

but also that i might have to get on site a damn sight earlier than i usually manage...

So am I right we're still waiting for one headliner (amongst others)?

Can imagine I'll get pelters for this, and highly unlikely, but I'd love to see Bjork on the Mountain Stage.

who knows?

theoretically, yes

but they could just say that one of the already announced acts was always meant to be a headliner

they said yesterday that they will be announcing a date for revealing day splits on social media *soon*

no mention of an extra announcement

and all that's coming *soon* is the date WHEN they'll eventually reveal day splits

not the day splits themselves

hey ho, what do i care - i'll be drunk

Anyone done an inspector clouseau piece of work on number-of-acts-announced-so-far versus previous years?  It does feel a little light.

But what do I care - i'll be drunk

I've got quite addicted to reading the Green Man thread on the efestivals forum.

Fair play to the person who is working out which bands are playing when based on their other tour dates.