2019 Recommendations thread


Lovin' these 2 at the minute:

Foxwarren ... 



and Khruangbin ...



I like Khruangbin - could be lovely in the Walled Garden in the sun with a cider or two.

Oh, I may have discovered the Future Islands of GM19 - Bodega. Gawd help us.

 I concur with you on Khurangabin, but I have to disagree about Bodega, Endless Scroll was one of my album's of last year, appearances can sometimes be deceptive.

Pretty much agree with that.  Have seen them live, couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, although seem to remember the last couple of numbers were a lot better than what preceded them.

Not claiming that Parquet Courts are original (not sure anything is anymore), but they are a current reference point.

I do like Parquet Courts though.

There album was produced and recorded by Austin Brown of Parquet Courts, that might explain things or not, love Jack in Titanic, a great track.

foxwarren bloke is a right godbotherer though

shame as i thought they sounded all right too

strangely, bodega were one of the very few things i quite liked on a quick spotify trawl through those i wasn't aware of

Really like what i'm hearing from Durand Jones & The Indications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZJ-7BJ46U0. Perfect for a sunny afternoon slot on the Mountain Stage. 

Hen Ogledd. Obviously! I'm sure you all know about this band due to Richard Dawson's involvement. I love the vocoded vocals in this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBA5QY1SyGU

Fans of Slowdive / Pixies will probably enjoye Just Mustard (right at the bottom of the line up). Their song "deaf" is very similar to Slowdive whereas the rest of their album is more like early Pixies. Very good stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxPmf3uRvso

The Quietus turned me on to Audiobooks last year. Their facebook post said they would be playing on the Thursday evening. Their album is a wonderful mess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rkiv0WC7q8

Enjoying this song by Willie J Healey, it buils into something really special! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31oRITDM3iw. Quite similar to Mac Demarco/King Krule but i'm not a big fan of either so don't be put off if you're not too! 

squid are certainly great

but they're not better than television

that's just silly

better than the second television record?

i'll accept that

good singing drummer, though

that's a rarity

levon helm; iggy pop; meg baird (when she's in heron oblivion)

and now mr squid

i think that's it, though, isn't it?

Better than Television? That's a big fecking gauntlet you've just thrown down. I better check them out.

The Hen Ogledd album was my best of 2018 and Tiny Witch Hunter cracks me up every time. Genius. 

Pigs x7 will be ace. I may be in a minority with that view...

Avi Buffalo's 2 albums a few years back were brilliant. No idea what he will be doing this year, but will definitely be watching him.

Tiny Ruins were excellent at EOTR last year so I'd recommend them

The Penelope Isles tune on the playlist is great, so will be investigating further.

Listened to the new album this morning, very good to my ears!

I’ll go and watch Anais Mitchell in the hope she sings The Humpback Whale.

Mapache are must sees.

Glad Richard Thompson is doing a solo set.


Better than Television?

Why Television?

They don't sound like Television

Sorry, they do nowt for me.

And Whitney's drummer has a better voice.


Mapache are great. I remember Ray starting a thread about them a few months ago. 


BUT ... how is it pronounced?

I keep pronouncing in my head the same way people from my part of the world refer to their urine. 

"Ah wiz standin at the urinal whin ah heard a squelchin noise. It was thin ah noticed that ah wiz standin in Mapache" 


... Or is it Ma Pach Ai ? 

I should be roundly castigated for admiting I've only just educated myself on Meic Stevens (can you 'discover' a 76 yr old?), but he's the real deal for sure.

I'm in the same boat. Been listening to Outlander quite a lot since the announcement. Do we know whether his current performances include a sitar player for songs like "the sailor and and madonna" and "yorric"? They're my favourite from the album so it'd be cool to see those performed. 


I got hold of a vinyl copy of Outlander a few months ago and it is brilliant!

Meic played the Mountain Stage about 4 years ago. He walked out, lifted his guitar out of its case, told us that he'd been informed a couple of years before that if he survived his throat cancer he'd never be able to speak again and then shrugged "but you gotta sing don't you?"! Just the way that he said it, made it clear to all that if he wasn't able to sing he wouldn't be able to live. 

That was it for the sentimentality. Just him and his acoustic guitar and the feeling that he was just enjoying himself as if at the back of his local. I don't remember him playing anything from Outlander but he did play a few English language songs. 

Speaking of Outlander there is an absolutely stunning song on the Spotify version (not on the vinyl unfortunately) called "Upon the Mountain". Would love to hear that in August. 


Hate the term but we have three 'heritage' acts this year: Meic Stevens, Bridget St. John and Richard Thompson (all on my must-see list). Four if you count A Certain Ratio

These would be my main recommendation. Some of the band members played with Joe Armon-Jones in Leeds last year and it was some of the best musicianship I've ever seen live. Definitely worth checking out – Sons of Kemet also.

Nothing new that hasn't already been mentioned, so I'm gonna plug for an old favourite- the new James Yorkston record is super, especially the second half of it. Perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon slot on the Mountain Stage, I reckon. Or as a walled garden headliner again.

I’ve gone in deep with Squid, Hen Ogledd are as good as I hoped and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Pottery.

Could do with a few more to get excited about in the next announcement though.

Fantastic interview plus the Graun gave a 4 star review for her debut album.  Have got a ticket to see Stella in Bristol so will let you know how good she is appearing with a band.

Bumped into Big Jeff last night prior to SVE.  He is very excited at The Beth’s from New Zealand.  Not sure if anyone else has mentioned them 9n here yet, but Jeffs recommendations are usually pretty good.