aides memoire

not many this year

finally accepted after last year that attempting anything in the tent is a waste of time

so just one from the main stage - and two from the walled garden

first up, courtney marie andrews

over on the other site now:

thanks both

last one's up now - haley heynderickx

again, same link as above

the download links only last a week

so grab them soon if you want them

Thanks Ray. The quality sounds great. CMA's set was one of my absolute highlights of the weekend. Much appreciated!

Listening to CMA now Ray - it's fantastic. One of the best sets I've heard. Thank you.

thank you so much. this was my (unexpected) favourite set from last weekend. Gret recording

hey - i can send you a CD-friendly version

proper WAV files, rather than the compressed mp3s

if you’d like, just let me know and i’ll put a download link on the other site

ooh yes please

the haley h is great too - though i can't hear my oom sha lalas

a WAV version of CMA's set is now up at the other place - same link as before

i'll do haley h in a mo

and thanks also to ult, chrissied and blancanvas - and everyone who's expressed an interest

always makes the hassle of taping worthwhile!

Thanks from me also, it's nice to relive both those Walled Garden performances. I left CMA to go and see Bo Ningen (and didn't regret it), so it's good to be able to hear what I missed.

yr welcome, of course!

links to WAV versions of haley heynderickx and stella donnelly are now up on the other site too



That Courtney MA set was so so beautiful. 

I'm welling up here!! What a feckin' voice!

Many thanks Ray.