Weather thread 2018

England out of World Cup and finally it rains.

Normal service resumed.

Ground should be jolly firm though - need a bit of rain otherwise it'll be hell trying to get those tent pegs in.


and it will be on the 15th august too

We walked through the site this weekend just gone. In my years going to the festival I have never seen the grass sun-scorched like it is at the moment. I have this weird mentality with sunny weather worrying we will 'use it all up' by the time it comes to Green Man. 

Is it a worry if the dry weather keeps up until the festival weekend.  If there is any sort of rain then, with all the grass dead, could it turn into a quagmire very quickly.

it will rain. It might be sunny. It could be both. There might be mud.

but beer will flow bands will play dances will be danced and we will all have as much fun as it is possible to have. Of that you can be sure

whether the weather, singin in the rain, too darn hot, mud glorious mud, sunshine funshine, sun's out guns out, i dont care what the weatherman say, walkin in sunshine, ne'er cast a clout before GM is out, no sun up in the sky, there's no such thing as bad weather only bad kit, slip slap slop (Aus) Etc

fuck me talking about the weather is beyond dull

I think the secret is not to use the pegs that come with the tent but to use top quality ones that don't bend on hammering in hard ground.

Dead right.

Ground in these parts so hard it will be a challenge to get even the sturdiest pegs in.


I think Camp Bestival was blown away rather than washed away - ground looked solid from the pictures I’ve seen but the perimeter fence was blown away!

Went through this with Womad.  Long range weather on bbc said warm dry sunny all weekend, possibly a light shower.  Nearly set off on the Thursday without a coat or waterproofs, then it all changed with weather warnings on the Sunday.

weather forecasts, don’t trust them.

That’s it, I’m packing my waterproofs and wellies away until next year, and investing in some sun cream instead. ;-)

Monday 13 August—Sunday 19 August
High pressure slowly returning

The first half of the following week will continue to see a steady westerly airflow, with high pressure lingering to the southwest of the UK. 

Temperatures should recover into the 20s Celsius for many areas, as milder airmasses move across the country from the west or southwest and light winds with strong sunshine become a feature during the days. 

Later in the week, medium range weather model output suggests that high pressure will become more dominant right across the UK, most likely preventing any low-pressure areas from moving across the country from the west. Therefore, it is likely to remain largely dry and settled, and increasingly warm too, with the best of the warmth across central and eastern England. 

Don't forget the Glanusk micro-climate.

I await an authoritative update from the Sage of Merthyr in about a week's time.

As it stands right now it looks like a reversal of previous years with moderately crappy weather Monday-Wednesday, improving from Thursday.

Not that I believe it like. 

and my weather app has it shedding down friday and saturday

in fact every single day from now bar the thursday

so let's all just wait and see by looking out of the window on the day

or tent flaps in your case

Pissing down here too on the Shropshire-Welsh borders. More heavy rain coming on Sunday. Might have a chance of getting those tent pegs in after all.

Every forcast I can see has it starting with light showers on Thursday and getting warmer and clearer from then on. That would be good.

I’ll only really start to take notice once I see the Countryfile forecast on Sunday. That said it looks like a fair bet it’s not going to be atrocious this year, which will do me for now.