3rd announcement?

it was 28th march last year

when are we getting it this year then?

will this album come with an insert detailing the third GM announcement?

phil's ace and all, but that seems

a) a long time to wait

b) an unecessarily convoluted way to do it

c) silly

Was just a hint to Wally and the crew in case they were rattling their brains trying to think of stuff to add to the line up - for me.

Did I see something about Walter liking Eels on one of the social media platforms earlier? New album and dates in July. Could fit the bill perhaps?

EOTR who were about a week after GM for announcements 1 and 2 are doing their 3rd this Thursday, so guess we can't be far off.

I'm hoping for eels and Phil Cook too.

I know acts tend not to play consecutive years but frankly I'd be happy as a pig in shit if Trembling Bells (who have made the album of the year thus far) and Wolf People were back again in August.

and me

hoping the big green fella's saving the best until last

that's about it for anyone i've heard of

seems mostly to be chai wallahs

lovely eggs - who are ok

then whyte horses - passable

insecure men - ugh...

and a bunch of folks i've never heard of: high contrast , follakzoid, eleanoronly, frankie cosmos


so there it is

the worst GM line up ever (for me, obvs)

i think 7 - maybe 8 - bands that i want to see

now just waiting for fleet foxes and the fannies to clash

Fanclub, Freidberger and Whyte Horses all good for me.

The new Whyte Horses LP is one of my faves of this year.

Fanclub will be playing Thursday night won't they?

FF, john grant, BJM, fannies, courtney marie andrews, stella donnelly, haley heynderickx

with aadae and sacred paws on the undercard

come on, who have i foolishly overlooked?



that is, indeed, pretty nice

she at least gets promoted onto my undercard - pending further listening

i'm up to 7 + 3

ta, carnie

come on then - who else?

I have over 20 acts that i want to watch but maybe only a couple of must sees and for me the line up is poor compared to the other place but to be fair we are only a small group on here and the reaction on facebook is very positive.I also have quite a few to investigate further.

yeah - but who cares about what THEY think?!

a bafflingly large number of people being very, very wrong about everything, ever, is pretty much the defining sound of my last forty years

- Fleet Foxes

- The War on Drugs

- King Gizzard

- John Grant

- Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever

- Jane Weaver

- Kelly Lee Owens

- Lucy Dacus

- Chastity Belt

- Omni

- Goat Girl 


this on their FB page:

"We’re really sad to say this, but we’re cancelling the rest of our US tour dates due to health concerns. We appreciate so much the support we’ve felt so far. Thanks to everyone who have bought tickets in advance. Sorry we’re not making it to you this time, but we’ll be back as soon as we can!"

guess that extends to european shows too