Desert Island Discs

You're stranded on a desert island, alone.

What are the 8 tracks you'd take, the ones that would hold the most significance for you?

No need to explain why, or give reasons... just thought it would be an opportunity to share some great music.

I'll kick things off, although my list does tend to evolve...



Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Higgs Boson Blues

James Yorkston - When The Haar Rolls In

Joni Mitchell - Coyote

Mark Kozelek - Gustavo (live version)

Kurt Wagner - You're a Big Girl Now (two for the price of one!)

Neil Young - On The Beach

Ryley Walker - Funny Thing She Said

Bill Callahan - Riding For The Feeling (the one I'd rescue from the waves)


So that's me.

The lovely thing is that three of these tracks are a result of coming to Green Man over the years and recommendations from you amazing folks on here x



ooh love a list Elizabeth!

Great list, couple for me to check out.

This is so difficult and likely to change every second but I'll do one off the cuff.

Beach Boys - Til I Die

Boards of Canada - 5.9.78/Julie and Candy Live Version/SATellite ANthem ICarus medley

Vangelis - Blade Runner Main Titles

John Williams - Over the Moon

Todd Rundgren - International Feel/Tic Tic Tic it wears off

Yes - And You and I

John Hartford - Gentle on My Mind (One with Buddy Emmons)

Jackson C Frank - Blues Run the Game

Cheated a bit!

'Til I Die is magnificent, could go way over the top and list at least a dozen of theirs alone, Apart from the obvious classic albums I love Carl and the Passions album. All This Is That is a particular favourite and then you get Dennis' sublime Cuddle Up, I challenge anyone to listen to this track and not have a tear (or three) in their eyes by the end.

Absolutely Chris, love Dennis and you're right Cuddle Up is sublime. 

Other particular favourites of mine are Disney Girls and Sail on Sailor other than the obvious.

Can we get Brian for 2018? How cool would that be..

8 tracks!!! 

Well that's totally not going to happen...

Eight albums I coud do, at a push :)


Some excellent choices there so far, I might just join you on your island rather than get my own :)

Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks

Northern Sky - Nick Drake

A Sailor's Life - Fairport Convention

Torn Curtain - Television

That Summer Feeling - Jonathan Richman

Utra Horas - Orchestra Baobab

Two Sevens Clash - Culture

Queen of Spain - James Yorkston



Satan’s Jewel Crown - Emmylou Harris

Hot Burrito #1 - The Flying Burrito Brothers

It Makes No Difference - The Band

Dog Breath, In The Year of the Plague - Frank Zappa

Poor Ditching Boy - Richard Thompson

Cigarettes and Coffee - Otis Redding

Taxi Driver (main theme) Bernard Hermann

Chestnut Mare - The Byrds

..... coming upon the rails ..... Little Black Buzzer - Yorkston Thorne Khan

My favourite book would be In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

and my favourite film of all time is John Ford's The Searchers


I love this thread Elizabeth, especially enjoying looking up everyone else's recommendations.

Currently istening to your choices on Peridots spotify list, great stuff particularly the Taxi Driver theme, possibly my favourite film, The Searchers in my top five also probably

Great idea Elizabeth

Without giving it too much thought these came to mind

Nick Cave - The Mercy Seat

Johnny Cash - Hurt

Teardrop Explodes - Reward

Jake Holmes - Dazed and Confused

Richard Dawson - The Vile Stuff

Cooper Temple Clause - Music Box

CSNY - Ohio

Suicide - Frankie Teardop

Almost impossible, but these are all close to my heart.

Bob Dylan- Up To Me

Vic Chesnutt-Soft Picasso

Silver Jews-Random Rules

Townes Van Zandt-Only Him Or Me

Little Richard-Long Tall Sally

The Temptation's- Ain't Too Proud To Beg

The Band-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.


That Summer Feeling and Blues Run The Game would be hanging around but since they're already on the island.

Great thread Elizabeth!

Here's mine (for today anyway!) ... 

The Mountain Goats - Old College Try  

Tom Waits - Who are you

The Lost Soul Band - Gorgeous George and Delilah's Claws

Hamell on Trial - Big as Life

Morphine - In spite of me

Neutral Milk Hotel - 2 headed boy

Whipping Boy - We don't need nobody else

and appropriately ... Townes Van Zandt - Waiting around to die !

Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone

Country Joe McDonald – Tom Joad

Family – The Weaver’s Answer

Little Feat – Fat Man In The Bath Tub (live version from Electrif Lycanthrope)

Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – East-West

The Soft Boys – Kingdom of Love

Youssou N’Dour – Immigres / Bitim Rew

And the book would be Gabriel Garcia Marquez - One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Brilliant BitF, I particularly like Astronome Domine.

I also like the inclusion of a book.

We could go the whole hog and include a luxury too.

I will go away and have a think about that...

Can't make up my mind between a football (vain hope that eventually I'd be able to kick a ball as well with my right foot as I can with my left) and The Marx Brothers' Duck Soup (which would always be something to cheer me up).

Nice thread Elizabeth some great suggestions.

My baker's eight are -

Paul Brady - Crazy Dreams
The Blue Nile - Family Life
Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger
Brian Wilson - God Only Knows
The Temptations - Papa Was a Rolling Stone (12’ version)
U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
George Michael - Careless Whisper
Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down the Crazy River
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

Love it Peridot!

Particularly God Only Knows and Papa...

My favourite film would be either Fantastic Mr Fox (I know, best of times with my kids), Withnail and I or some such.

Book, I'd swap the bible for Bob Dylan Lyrics and choose maybe Dubliners by James Joyce.

Luxury would be my guitar.

hard to realise how impossible this is until you start trying to do it

i'm taking 10 - as i'm sure it used to be 10 when i listened as a kid - before kirsty young arrived and started wasting time trying to psychoanylse every fucker who came on

anyway - these are today's 10

it would be wildly different tomorrow

or i'd remember that my luxury item could be an iPod and i could have everything i wanted

tim buckley - love from room 109 at the islander (on pacific coast highway) -

vetiver - been so long (or possibly belles - i can't fucking choose) -

scott matthew - white horse -

dylan - visions of johanna (some days it would just be 10 dylan songs) -

jefferson airplane - comin' back to me -

flesh for lulu - cat burglar (because nothing reminds me of being young, dumb, and full of bathtub speed like this does) - 

bonnie billy - may it always be -  /  (or a wild velvets-style version with angel olsen [or is it cheyenne mize?] giving it her best patti smith:

psychedelic furs - the ghost in you  (not their best song by a long chalk - but the one that gets me for some reason) -

the last town chorus - try - not on youtube - but here's the spotify link:

velvets - rock & roll (the VU live 1969 version, obvs) -


of course that's from summer in the southeast

i haven't listened to that in a while

thanks for the reminder!

and yes, it'd be pink nasty in that case

Do you know who she is? Worth hunting down her stuff? 

I have a similar affection for a similar song, that was given a similar reinterpration - O Let it be. 

she's pretty cool - in a melodic garage rock kind of way

though seems to have gone to ground in the last few years

three of her LPs are available for free download, though

so you can make a risk-free personal assesment!

you can grab them here:

An ever-changing list but right now it'd be...

Grandaddy - He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot

Godspeed You! Black Emporer - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

The Magnetic North - Old Man of Hoy

North Atlantic Drift - March to the Capital

Bob Dylan - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Mogwai - CODY

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk

Bon Iver - 666 (Upsidedowncross)



I have thought about this for a couple of days, so here goes:

1. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

2. Chime - Orbital

3. Mr Pharmacist - The Fall

4. Cannonball - The Breeders

5. Fourth of July - Galaxie 500

6. Debaser - Pixies

7. Come Together - Primal Scream

8. Cop Shoot Cop - Spiritualised


Strewth, that was difficult!

Great work Peridot! Been listening to this today on and off. Many great songs I know but many more that I don't. With more thought my selection would be very different I think.

Brilliant WaveyDavey!

Love that you have Running Up That Hill and Cop Shoot Cop.


Thanks Peridot and Elizabeth.

All of those songs, and many more to be honest, are really special to me, and have the ability to make me scream, jump,dance or cry. Sometimes all at once!

I have enough reseves to make up another couple of lists...

Pink Floyd             Set the controls for the heart of the sun

Charlie Parr           Cheap wine

Velvets                 Heroin

Violent Femmes     Country death song

Massive Attack       Inertia Creeps

 Alabama 3            Hypo full of love

Eels                      Things the grandchildren should know

Smiths                   How soon is now

Adem                    Long drive home

Black Angels           Entrance song

        Though i cannot believe i've picked no Spiritualized,Love,Neil Young.Wooden Shjips etc.etc.--just picked tracks i have played alot over the years.

Always loved that track but always gets a growl of displeasure from Ann when i add it to a mix for a car journey----though i grit my teeth and add a Coldplay track to even things up.

Arggh, Pink Floyd!

How did I forget about them?

Maybe I should have said top 20 tracks, my own itunes playlist is now approaching that number!

Its difficult,i have many favourite albums that do not have that one stand out track but sound perfect as an album from the likes of Willard Grant,Handsome Family,Roy Harper,Blanche,Jacob Golden,Jesse Sykes,Sneaker Pimps and i love S F Sorrow.And Radiohead--i cannot believe i didn't pick one of their tracks for my top 10.And Portishead--already edited twice--realised i'm crap at remembering what i like.

Eight songs is just mad ain't it.

On the drive back today I was listening to Cosmo's Factory (Creedence) and realised that their truly epic version of I Heard it Through the Grapevine would probably also have top be on mine.


This beginning-middle bit of this list will allow you to age me - at what time in history would anyone be likely to turn from a metal-head, to a goth, to an indie-kid and then to a raver? 

The Beatles – Blackbird

Anthrax – Antisocial

The Cure – Close to me

Mudhoney – Touch me im sick

Amorphous Androgenous – Fat cat

Deep Dish – Lonely winter

Led Zeppelin – Gallows pole

Kings of Convenience – Sing softly to me

Fleet Foxes – Blue ridge mountains

City and Colour – Hello im in Delaware